Sunday, January 13, 2013

Planning a Party!

It's actually almost time to celebrate my 40th Birthday! I think it will be a splendid year - because years with a "4" in them are always truly magical for me!

Take the age of four, I saw the Nutcracker Ballet for the first time and fell madly in love with ballet! That would set me on a path to hours upon hours of dance classes, dozens of ballet slippers, and probably stacks of pink tights.

Age fourteen was pretty spectacular also! I fell madly in love for the first time, began dating, started high school and spent a rigorous summer in advanced ballet lessons, theater lessons, and so much more. That's the year I met so many people at Southwest High School, people that are still very dear and important to me. Fourteen was a great year!

 Twenty four was excellent also! I was the Executive Producer of our student run television station at GC&SU. I was a radio dee jay. I grabbed a coveted internship slot and not only did I do well at that internship, once it ended, I was hired as a television producer just three days later. Twenty Four was fantastic!

Thirty Four was truly life changing. That's the year I met my egyptian. The year I divorced my first husband. The year I ended up in a fantastic job - making fairly decent money. The year I met so many people who are now my very best friends. I moved out on my own. Once again, transitioning. Thirty four was a good year.

Now I find myself entering my forties. WOW. A whole decade with fours. This may be my time. 

Soooo.. (again.. I buried the lead)... I am planning my BIRTHDAY PARTY.

Yeah, you heard that right - I am planning my party. I have always believed, "If you want something done right, do it yourself." There is no shame in my game. I'm a planner by nature, a perfectionist, and I hate to admit - every time I leave it up to chance, I have to pretend I am happy with the result. Nope. Not for my 40's. Maybe it's the producer in me..

Got to have it my way.

And what way is that?

Well - you all know there are TWO women I adore in this world. One is super strong and save the world. The other is high end escort. 

For my 38th birthday, we did Wonder Woman. (Which we all know that I am.)

For my 40th, I wanted to have a little fun with a theme. I have loved the movie "Breakfast at Tiffany's" for the past 15 years at least. Over a decade ago, my family bought me the DVD collection of Audrey Hepburn's movies. I always thought she had tremendous style.

Sooo.. I want to have a Breakfast at Tiffany's themed party.  

Good news - I was able to secure the Gallery. It's an awesome space, complete with bar, two restrooms and a small kitchen.

There will be fantastic art work hanging on the wall, and it is in the cute little artsy shopping area called, Ingleside Village. 

I have so many ideas for the party, and I don't want to give them all away (since some of the attendees will be reading this!) I did come up with one thing that I am thrilled about - I plan to have a photo booth! I just purchased the prop kit today.

Prop kit, you asked? Oh yeah..

 There is more stuff, but I will save that for the party goers. 

I am working on a signature drink for the party. But somehow, I keep coming back to the idea of (since it is "breakfast" at Tiffany's) of having a Mimosa Bar. 
More than likely, we will go for more of a signature drink... but it's an idea all the same!

 I plan to have a "Holly Golighty" look-a-like contest. Heck, I even found some HILARIOUS games to play.. like this one:

There will be fantastic finger foods.. and of course, a "Tiffany Box" cake. Lots of bling, lots of fun. Great music. Good people. 

Leave your inhibitions at the door!

I bought the balloons, the table dressing and a few other goodies today online. There are soooo many options for a Breakfast at Tiffany's party.

 One idea I had was to have a candy bar. (I LOVE candy.) But not just any candy, but Tiffany Blue candy. Like this idea for homemade rock candy:
 Or this idea for Cosmo Jello Shots in a strawberry.

The options are endless. 

A few really good friends have made plans to come, and I am so excited. I hate being able to see the declines. Booo on those people. (especially without explanations. BOOOO.) ;-)

Here's to another fantastic party!

Get ready to dance! Get ready to laugh! Get ready to help me turn this next decade into one to remember!

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Anonymous said...

Have fun with it! Go all out! I know I did when it was my 40th! It was a "Sweet Summer Indulgence" indeed! The menu contained my favorite sweets, desserts, and wines. Grown-folk stuff! :)

I purchased three outfits, sauntered down the steps of my home, and out the patio door like the queen that I considered myself to be, and regaled my guests with sheer delight and Joy! It has been one of my most memorable times...ever! I even wrote about part of the experience of being with some of the most incredible women in my life that day. It was truly remarkable! (If you'd care to read it, it can be found here: Not a shameless plug. Just wanted to share with you, as you share with us your journey to 40! Be fabulous with it!


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