Wednesday, January 30, 2013

At first I was afraid, I was petrified.

The alarm never went off this morning. 
My eyes popped open... and I realized it was rather light outside. 
I sat straight up and grabbed my phone.
Sure enough, it was 9am on the dot. 


I dashed to work and got settled in by 9:45am.
Record time - including makeup.

And that is the end of the story.

Now back to the beginning!

All That Jazz was PHENOMENAL Friday night. After months of planning, we pulled off another amazing event. The good news? We did better than last year (financially speaking!) I hope to have photos to show later, right now, you'll just have to take my word. (Oh.. okay.. I'll share the fuzzy phone pics, not the good ones from our professional photog. But they ARE coming.)

PS - I cut like.. 4 inches off my hair. Don't freak!
Here is a shot of Kyle Warnke, from 41NBC, hosting the event. I sat at the table with him, his wife, our photo and his wife and my two friends.

There was a VIP reception prior to the event at the museum. Here is Phil Perry with two members of Pieces of a Dream goofing around with me. These are top jazz performers in the nation!

My friend Wendy went with me as my plus one! Here we are having a wonderful time!

A shot of  Kyle and his wife with Shamani (a professor at Macon State) relaxing prior to the show.

Wendy and I at the VIP reception. (The egyptian really missed out!)

Me and Yvonne at All That Jazz. She is the photographer's wife. This was held at the Macon City Auditorium

Phil Perry performing..

My intern and I, Kelsea. BTW - you can't tell, but my dress has kimono style laced sleeves. Pretty cool!
We started off by having lunch at our favorite Mexican dive - Polly's La Mesa and then headed straight for Monkey Joes in a neighboring community called Warner Robins. 
Later that night I cooked a delicious dinner of pasta Alfredo, Italian pot roast, corn and french bread!

After Autumn left, I went ahead and packed for a super fun two-day retreat with Leadership Macon. Now.. with the blog, it will be difficult to share my experiences because what happens in   LM stays in LM. But what I can share is how much FUN I had. I met some truly phenomenal people and had a really great time. I am looking forward to the relationships that will form out of this experience and the information I will obtain over the next year.

We started out with some basics about the program and of course, a personality exercise that involved colors. If you have ever taken the four color test, just know - I am a yellow. Why? I had to choose 4 words that describe me best: Enthusiastic, Creative, Loyal and Independent. Two of those were a yellow - so.. I became a yellow.

Later we headed off to Rock Eagle and had a BLAST. The only photo I can share from that night is this:
Yep - campfire and s'mores.

Lots of good wine, lots of good food AND we got to do something no other group could, we got to stay in these POSH - BRAND SPANKING NEW cabins. Well.. okay.. not posh, but really nice.

The second day consisted of team initiatives and a ropes course. I was a little hesitant on one activity for two reasons- 1. I am short. 2. I am not exactly skinny. At the end of the day, let's just say that we all had to get super close and break down all physical and emotional boundaries. hahahahaaa.. oh.. the fun.

I guess the whole point of today's post was to say: I just experienced many things that I had not established any preconceived notions about. I sort of went with the flow - was open and honest - and remained authentic.

From All That Jazz to Leadership Macon - there was a lot of uncertainty on my part. But in the end.. it all worked out okay.

And it's only Wednesday.

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