Monday, November 26, 2012

New Attitude

This is me.
Just two days ago.
This is my inspiration. Always has been.
This is the old me.
This is the NEW me.
What are your thoughts of the new header?
We started with THIS:
Then changed to this:
To recently this (Sorry.. the person was cut off - never got a chance to save the whole piece! I had to download from my FB Fanpage.)
Now.. all of this was possible thanks to LEANNE!

She's at

She is incredibly talented and creative.

If you are trying to start a blog and need an artist for hire.

She's your girl!


Leanne said...

YAY!!!!! How cool to walk through this history of our headers. I say "ours", because I feel so connected to each of them. I'm LOVING the new one . . . It's so . . . US! ;)

Thanks for the kind words. And I'll try to remember to email you the full image of the last header (I should probably have waited to roll out the Wonder Woman one, but I was so excited, I couldn't help myself!) just so you have it!

Hope you embracing that WW, friend!!!

scrapwordsmom said...

I LOVE the new header!! I mean LOVE it!! And Leanne is the!!:) She does all my work, too. are sooo pretty!!!!


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