Tuesday, November 27, 2012

How do you GET in the spirit?

Finding your holiday spirit is about as easy as trying on those jeans you wore in college. For some, it's simply Not. Going. To. Happen.

For others, you have to grab that wire hanger, hook it on that zipper, and pull with all of your might.

Today I made a point to research opportunities to celebrate the holidays. I used some local resources (Ovations365.com and visitmacon.org) to see what is going on. I suppose those sites were like my zipper. Me actually pulling out my calendar and locking those dates in, was me pulling with all of my might. Now.. it's time to stand and see if I can BREATHE.

I figure if I immerse myself in Christmas, something is going to stick. Last year, the holidays were an absolute BUST for me. But this year, oh this year, I have high hopes - even if the chemicals in my brain and hormones that flow through my system do not want to get on board- I WILL celebrate.

Hell, I might even go as far as to buy some "Christmas earrings." Oh yeah, and even wear one of those tacky-ass bells around my neck.

Well.. okay... maybe that's pushing it a little.

But my plan is a bold one.

I thought I would share with you my CHRISTMAS to-do list. If you are local, you might even get some ideas of your own. ;-)

1. This Saturday I plan to drive to the storage unit and find my Christmas stuff. I have not touched my items since Christmas 2010. THIS should be interesting. The good news is, Autumn will be with me, so I Santa has a little helper. PLUS.. she will help me put the tree together.

The last time I had my Christmas tree up - in Birmingham, December 2010.

2. Sunday morning, I am taking Autumn to have Breakfast With Santa at my church. (For local people- That's St. Joseph's Catholic Church. We'll be over at the school next door (St. Joseph's School.) It's $6 a person, and apparently they will have a huge breakfast spread provided by the Knights of Columbus, holiday crafts, picture time with Santa, a silent auction, and so much more. Food + Santa + My Auttie= Holiday love. If you are interested, it's from 8am until noon.

Photo credit: Unknown - This is my church.

3. At 4pm this Sunday (and this one I am totally debating..) Wesleyan College is having their Annual Christmas Concert. (For those not from around here, Wesleyan is the first school in America to grant degrees to women! If you are a Phi Mu - this is your home university!) It's an all women's college. I thought that might be a nice way to wrap the weekend up. Did I mention, it's FREE??!!

Photo credit: Unknown. This is one of the buildings at Wesleyan College

4. Oops.. I forgot to add, this Thursday night, after a 5:30pm meeting, I'm going to run over to City Hall/Rosa Parks Square and watch the Annual Christmas Tree Lighting in Downtown. It's starting at 6:30pm. It's FREE!

Photo credit: Unknown. Notice behind the tree - you see my church! Not sure what year this was taken.

5. Did I mention Friday, at 11am, Amanda's Cakery (downtown) will have a free cake testing eventing?? It is only 2 streets over.... and.. well... shouldn't we all eat dessert first? The flavors to try are "Sinful Chocolate," "Vanilla," and "Apple Pie."

Photo: The Telegraph. Amanda's Cakery Cupcakes are to DIE for.

6. Next Tuesday night (the 4th,) My former Theater Teacher, Sylvia Haynie, will have an openhouse at her performing arts school. It's called the Academy for the Performing Arts. It starts at 6:30. (Free) and will have performances by the students.

7. Forgot another event that's happening THIS Friday night, from 4pm until - The Macon Arts Alliance Gallery will have a Trunk Show. Oh yeah.. AND on payday for me. Lord have mercy...

8.  Saturday, December the 8th - I hope to take Autumn to another scholastic corner: Mercer Village. (Mercer University is the cornerstone of this area. It's a private university in town.) This is a FREE event- Christmas in Mercer Village. 5pm-9pm there will be inflatables for the kids. 5pm - 7pm there will be ornament decorating for the kids. 6pm-8pm you can have you photo taken with Santa. 7pm they will light the Christmas Tree at Mercer, and finally, at 7:30pm they will show the movie, ELF, outside! Sounds like a perfect night for Auttie and I.

9. The very next day, Sunday the 9th, she and I can head over to the Middle Georgia Christmas Parade in downtown Macon. It starts at 3pm.

Photo credit: Gateway Macon - from last year's Christmas Parade

10. On Tuesday, December the 11th, I definitely want to go see Handel's Messiah at my church. (St. Joseph's.) The cost is $15. (But considering all of the free stuff I will get to experience leading up to it - no big deal, right?! It starts at 7:30pm.

Photo credit: My church

11. On Friday the 14th, at the Sidney Lanier Cottage (for those who don't know, he was a famous poet back in the 1800's.. this was his birthhouse,) there will be the Christmas Cottage & Bake Sale from 9am until 2pm. OBVIOUSLY I have to go. ;-) It's FREE.

Sidney Lanier Cottage

12. That night, on the 14th, the Macon Arts Alliance will have their holiday party. I plan to stop by that.

13. VERY excited about that Saturday night (the 15th,) one of my favorite theater's, Theater Macon, will have a Christmas Cabaret.. and it's a benefit. Bring a toy and the entry is $15. It's a 8pm.

14. THEN - Sunday the 16th.. *drum roll please* The Nutcracker at the Grand. Cost? $18 - $25 a ticket and it's the closing performance. Matinee at 2:30pm.
Photo: Gateway Macon

15. On Dec. 20th, there is a free organ interlude (holiday) at my Church (St. Joseph's) at noon. What a wonderful way to spend my lunch hour? My church is just a few blocks from where I work. Then that night, there will be a penance service.

16. Then on the 22nd, some friends of mine are throwing a Christmas Party.

17. FINALLY - Midnight mass on the 24th and that's all she wrote.

Photo credit: My church

What do you plan to do to get in the mood?


Stephanie Ruby Feldman said...

Good for you. I too am trying. Not sure it will happen, but will put up a tiny tree and make an effort. We have canceled any gift giving and life right now is over the top not happy times, but I know if I embrace at least a little bit of the TRUE spirit it will help ease that. So to both of us on our challenge to ourselves I wish us some Christmas Magic! xx

Leanne said...

Holy Cow! This is like an amazing commercial for Macon - it's almost like you do this sort of thing for a living! ;) ;) ;)

I have to shyly admit - I really had no clue how beautiful Macon is. These photos make me want to visit - and SOON!!! Your church is just beautiful, Nicole, and with everything going on in your town this season - I hope you find that holiday spirit!!!

We are heading to Disney this weekend - and I know I will find my holiday spirit as soon as I see it decorated. It's been a dream of mine to go there during the Holiday season, and I can't wait. Perhaps NEXT year I'll have Macon as my holiday get away!!! :)

AnnaKaye said...

That's pretty impressive all of the free activites you found!


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