Friday, November 23, 2012

Things I Have Learned This Week

1. Thanksgiving is completely over rated. I took one bite of the turkey and spit it out. It has nothing to do with my mom's cooking, more so with the whole idea of eating a big bird. Done.

2. Since I have officially learned how to make my own pumpkin pie, I don't feel the need to consume all things pumpkin. The novelty is sort of.. well... gone.

3. This week's schedule at work has me all screwed up. 1/2 a day on Monday. Full on Tuesday. Leave early Wednesday. Off Thursday. 1/2 a day on Friday... and so on and so forth.

4. We took separate cars to my parent's house. Can we say, "Speaks Volumes?"

5. When all is said and done.. and it may very well be done.. I'm getting that black cat I have wanted for a while. And possibly a dog. Yeah. That's what I will do.

6. If it really is DONE. And it is really, truly done - Beer & Bacon - My house? ;-)

7. I got nominated for Leadership Macon. Who nominated me? Come forward... quiet person.

8. I get to lead another marketing workshop - this time for the Macon Writer's Group. How cool is that?

9. I am SOOOOOOOO excited about our next First Friday Forum at work. Spoken Word!!

10. You know, as much as I try, there is just one friend that truly annoys me. I'm trying sooo hard to let it go, but you know.. if you are not nice, you make the blog. If you make the top 20 list - you must really be pushing your luck with me.

11. Let's just say... I am planning some trips for the near future.

12. I am down 22 pounds. Did I mention that?

13. I FINALLY feel normal - post Flu & Bladder Infection. FINALLY.

14. I finally upgraded my iphone. Yeah.. good times.

#15 Meet Luna- My parents new cat.

#16 Look at Coolio Daddy Jack. Yep - that's my dad, enjoying a nice cigar outside after Thanksgiving dinner.

#17This tree is right outside of my balcony. It looks "dreamy" because of the finger print on my lens. LOL

#18 meet some of my co-workers. Back left - Tracy, Andy, Father Keil, Tonya and Barrie. Up front - Adra and I.
19.  I bought a k-cup brewing system - FINALLY.

20. Finally... Sooooo ready for Christmas. What about you?


Peggy K said...

6 & 7 combined made me chuckle...Beer & Bacon for the nominee, please!!!

Good list, Nicole!

And no, I'm not ready for Christmas!

Robyn Burke said...

what a great list Nicole. Beer and Bacon sounds great. ;)


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