Saturday, November 3, 2012

Week in Review

I've been a bit quiet the past week (pictures wise.) My camera DIED and I have been busy entertaining my old exchange student from Australia (2005) and within that time period, I had about 2 big events (not including 2 more in the next week.) I am little on the crazy side, for certain.

BUT - I happened to capture a few shots. With my phone. Which has NO flash. Apologies for the quality.

Preparing for our Drum Circle. My intern and I created this great monthly event - First Friday Forums. This month is International Percussion Month.
We held an African Drumming Circle at the Museum in the AT&T Technology classroom.

I took the Australian to meet some of the nicest people I know. Here we are with Marsha & "TOD" on their back porch, deep in the woods in Baldwin County. They own Olive Forge Herb Farm.

Marsha and "TOD" shared their lunch with us - we met two other guests from North Atlanta.

Last weekend, the Australian and Autumn carved the pumpkin on my balcony.

We were craving fried food. What about a trip to Outback? LOL

My intern and my friend, Telisa at the Mr. Imagination exhibit at the museum.

The pumpkin lit up!

At Olive Forge Herb Farm, they shared some local goat cheese and blue cheese. Was really wonderful.

We were also treated to some wonderful oatmeal and some lavender sugar cookies as our dessert. See their lovely clay/pottery dinnerware?

The Australian and I at the Mr. Imagination exhibit.

Telisa and I at the exhibit

Kelsea and I at the exhibit

Look what I get to taste test!!!!

Christie and I at the exhibit

Me WITH the exhibit

Marsha made a Costa Rican recipe of spicy black beans and rice! We had some organic plain yogurt to take the bite out of it!

Then they shared this interesting jelly. It was made of pineapple and guava from Brazil. Was delicious!

Apparently, our Second Saturday Storytelling is a hit!!

Baba Raa and Daniel Muhammed laying down some amazing beats at our Drumming Circle.

Daniel explaining how the Drumming Circle works to our participants at the museum

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