Sunday, November 18, 2012

Peek Sunday

From time to time, I get a little bored and decide to play around with my camera. Today, I did one of those "sneak peeks" into my pantry & fridge. I've done this before, and I've seen other's do it. I LOVE to see what you guys are eating and what type of brands you shop for. Granted, we are in between grocery shops.. but for fun, I did take a few pics of some random items we have.

Want to see what I'm consuming? lol

Let's start with the freeze. THAT.. my friends.. is the staple in any good middle eastern/busy home. ;-) Frozen falafel. To the right, that's goat. Seriously. *sigh* Below you see some random veggies frozen. At the top left, I think that's chicken breasts. Fairly bare. We don't eat a lot of meat, nor do we like to freeze stuff. We like it FRESH.

The coffee/espresso I use. I do have an espresso maker. ;-)

Top shelf: Greek yogurt is a staple. The one in the back has already been turned into a fabulous tzatziki sauce (I just put it right back in the container. I use real butter (in the dish.) All of the other stuff is food in plastic containers(which we recycle and reuse.) I see some cheese dip (for my Hint of Lime chips) and there is a Vidalia onion wrapped in foil and yes.. that's cool whip for the jello.

Next level. I see three types of "specialty" cheeses. One in the white container is in arabic, but it is the most amazing white cheese (goat.) The one in the plastic wrap with black dots (which I think are cardamon seeds) is really salty and the one in the plastic container with the red top is what the egyptian calls "Turkey Cheese." As in Turkish. It's the driest, saltiest stuff. Totally stinky and completely different that anything you have probably tasted. The green on top - Spicy Guac. In the back, I think there are some carrots, and what you can't see to the left is the milk and eggs.

One shelf has all of the essentials. Lemon juice, Louisiana hot sauce (like all good southern kitchens, bold & creamy chipotle sauce for my famous taco salads, yellow mustard for the egyptian's sandwiches, taco sauce and sugar free blackberry jam.

Another level - Worcestershire sauce, my fave coconut cream coffee mate, some fresh/organic balsamic vinaigrette, and the items that is cover is tomato sauce.

Oh yeah - MY FAVE - Blueberry jam (organic.) I eat it on toast. That crappy processed cheese is to the right. I told you, the egyptian loves his cheese.

I finally got a Keurig/K Cup coffee machine thingy and I have my box of K cups and of course, my organic whole wheat flour for my home made waffles. I keep all of my baking stuff up there.

Here you see the strawberry jello (the egyptian's fave,) chocolate pudding (for Autumn's visits,) my honey collection, my canned veggies for those busy nights, some Peanut butter, tahini, biscoff spread, crackers, prunes, and mac & cheese.

Lebanese flat bread, and buns.

See - I did not even organize it for you: The egyptian's collection of canned tuna (yuck) as well as beans, corn muffin mix, random processed canned stuff for emergencies, a big bag of Zatar and Lentils. In the containers are orzo and basmati rice.

Just a few of my spices (in the front of the cabinet.) Sumac, Mediterranean Seasoned Salt, Paprika, Za'atar, Cayenne, rosemary and cumin.

finally.. some apples and oranges from the farmer's market.

What do you have in your pantry? Share in a post and leave your link below.

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Robyn Burke said...

your cupboards and fridge are amazingly clean-- I need to seriously do a wipe down before I'd consider doing a post like this. :)

Logan J. Skew said...

thanks for sharing this lovely post..nice content

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