Saturday, November 10, 2012

Things I have learned this week

1. Aches, fever, chills, cough, vomit and extreme fatigue = The Flu. By the way, it sucks.

2. It really is all about the camera. Work bought me a EOS Rebel (Canon.) My photos are freaking amazing.

3. Obama. (Booyah.)

4. Trying to play catch up at work after only being out 2 days is basically like voluntarily going into a concentration camp. It's like I'm trying to kill myself.

5. I finally have a great excuse to purchase the Keurig. MY COFFEE POT DIED. That's right. This morning. I am having to settle for hot cocoa. Next Friday, Mr. Keurig - you are MINE!

6. Next Saturday is my 5 year wedding anniversary. I wonder if he will remember.

7. My November Issue of Psychology Today has been a blast to read while sick. Pick one up.

8. I finally qualified for an upgrade with AT&T. Don't laugh, but I am not the type that has to have the latest, I just like to have something. So it's time to get rid of my little Iphone 3 and upgrade to a 4. Yes, I am like one upgrade behind, but honestly - I don't care. I will receive my new phone for $1 (with a two year contract.) I saved $450. Yay me!

9. I have been living off two sweet gifts from God: Holiday Grapes and Honey Crisp Apples from Fresh Market. Oh my word... they taste like love.

10. I have a fear that our staff Thanksgiving holiday meal will involve someone bringing KFC. I am SOOOOOOO against KFC. But I like fried chicken. It will be torture.

11. I finally had to turn the heat on for one night. Just to take the nip out of the air. Other than that - the weather is really finally beautiful. Cool air, bright blue skies.

12. The trees STILL have not changed for me.

13. Ladybugs are ALL over my house.

14. I decided to read a trash novel for fun. It's called "Gypsy Lover." I got it for 25 cents at Kema's Book Shop. *hee hee*

15. Today is the first day that I woke up and did not feel like I was going to hack a lung off. When I cough, I still sound like a 20-year smoker. Booo.

16. That the states that voted for Romney (majority) are the highest in illiteracy, have less college educated citizens and are the poorest. Interesting.

17. Make that 3 months until I turn 40. EEK.

18. My skin looks sooo dry. This weather change is not good for preserving Nicole.

19. Did I mention I'm getting a Keurig?

20. Two events. Two days. Here I go...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Booya, baby!! :) I'm glad you're feeling better, and that Mr. Keurig will pay you a visit soon! I want one, but have no reason to get one, unless the one I have dies. KFC @ Thanksgiving meal? Boo...hiss. No bueno. Enjoy it if you like it, and enjoy the count-up to 40!


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