Sunday, November 4, 2012

Things I will NEVER stop doing

There are those few things you will never change about yourself. It's those little things you cannot ever imagine yourself without. Perhaps it's something small, but defines you. Maybe it's a preference that you are unwilling to compromise on. Whatever it is - it is special and more importantly, it's a part of who you.

Here are a few things I will never stop doing:

1. Wearing Red Lipstick. I LOVE my lipstick, and I REALLY love wearing red lip stick.
2. Thinking I am Wonder Woman.
3. Kicking my addiction to coffee.
4. Going to Karaoke bars or "Karaoke" night.
5. Dipping my french fries in Ranch Dressing.

6. Stop thinking that Sex & The City has some of the wittiest writing.
7. Thinking flip flops are the most disgusting shoe ANYONE could wear (outside of the beach and a communal shower.)
My one pair of flip flops I have owned for years. They are for the pool & beach ONLY.

Those are just a few items...

Tell me a few of yours!


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