Saturday, November 17, 2012

Much needed break

I knew something wasn't right when I began writing super fast at work. Basically, I had to create a persuasive letter for potential artists to purchase a vendor booth at our festival, and I had to write a 4 page piece for an end of the year report - both of which I did in less than 30 minutes. Something told me then that I missed writing.

So.. I'm back.

I needed to just remove myself from sharing so much of my life with others. I have sort of decided to totally pull back, not just in my writing, but in general. I've been keeping to myself, even when it comes to friendships. I sort of figure, if you want to know what's going on with me - then call me. I also just needed some time to breathe. And live.

We all need that space from time to time. Whether it's with our family, our significant other, our friends, our co-workers - we all need time to just gather our thoughts and hopefully, after the break, you will appreciate the relationships you have even more.

I think my body responded to needing to rid myself of the excess toxins by catching the Flu. Yes, for almost two weeks I have been really, REALLY sick. My hair would end up soaking wet each night from my fever attempting to break. I was hacking up a lung. My body ached, my head hurt, I was vomiting and I had lost my appetite. Apparently, over the past week or so, I've become so dehydrated that somehow.. someway.. I ended up with a really bad bladder infection. Now I'm on some SUPER strength antibiotics and other random pills. Let's just say.. my urine is bright orange because of the meds. Lovely thought, right? Yes...

I've also had a TON of things going on at work. We hosted a Second Saturday Storytelling which was a complete success. The community response is going so well that one of the local tv stations wants our storyteller to come on air once a month (regular schedule) to promote the next book. YAY!

The very next day we had our Fall Benefit at the museum. This was a small fundraiser to support the education and outreach programs. It was hosted by one of the HBC's in Georgia, Fort Valley State University.

At the event, there was delicious food (seen above,) a wonderful jazz quintet, a live auction, and a Veteran's Day tribute. We met our goal, which is exactly what we wanted!

I've got some other news... sort of. I finally finished the red badge program with my Rotary group. Rotary is doing this new thing where new members for through an "orientation" period. Sort of reminds me of Greek life and the whole pledge process. I finally completed enough points to be official. I have to admit, at first I felt a little silly in the program. Sort of like I was not sure if it was the right place for me. But each week, I honestly meet some of the most dynamic business leaders in our community. I get to eat a fantastic lunch, and while doing so, I hear some amazing presenters. Just this last week, a representative from Mercer University came and shared the "Mercer on a Mission" program. This program is where students as well as faculty, head to remote village and fit people with prosthesis, provide ways to get clean drinking water, and a slew of other services. Each week, the stories are profound and very moving. I even got up one Saturday morning and cleaned up part of the Interstate with fellow Rotarians. I have to say.. I'm drinking the kool-aid my friends. ;-)

Outside of that, I've been selected to be on a Public Arts Committee for the city. There is a group of us (representatives from Arts organizations, as well as key stake holders with the local government) that are meeting to identify public and private spaces for public art. What's kind of cool, is that in the end, something will be in place for years to come that people will enjoy. It'll be that "thing" you go to take a picture in front of. It's nice knowing I will play a part in making my community a more culturally vibrant place.

Also - I don't know who did it, but I was nominated for Leadership Macon. I'm sort of excited. I have to attend an interview to see if I will be selected, only a select few actually make it through, but it is nice to know I was thought of by someone. I checked out the criteria, and it looks like the courses (which take places over 11 months,) are pretty cool. There includes a lot of topics I could get excited about. Who knows...

It's weird really. Since I have moved home, so many wonderful career opportunities just keep unfolding before my eyes. Everything I (we) do in the community (from the museum's standpoint) is so well received, it just sort of blows my mind. I don't know if I see myself in Macon long term, but it certainly seems like I am at the right place at the right time. As always, I want to use this time to make a difference. I need to just relax... and do what needs to be done.

One last "update" of sorts - I am SUPER excited about the next First Friday Forum at the museum. So.. you may not know about this, but each First Friday in downtown Macon there is a huge celebration of sorts. All of the restaurants and bars get involved, as well as the businesses. We are about to have our 3rd event. (I love that I, along with my intern, get to make these up.) In October, we had some nurses from the Central Georgia Breast Care Center do a "Breast Cancer Awareness" forum. We had a small group of about 14 people attend. Then last month we had an African Drumming Forum and it was PHENOMENAL. Even more people showed up. THIS TIME (and I am SOOO excited about this,) we are doing a "Celebration of Words." It's a mix of spoken word/poetry readings and things like that. We got a local coffee shop in the College Hill Corridor called "Jittery Joes" to sponsor with an in kind donation of coffee and pastries. So people will get to have a mock "poetry cafe" experience. I decided to charge $3 a person, and even have it where for the first hour and a half it's "family friendly" and the last hour and a half, more mature material can be read. I am SOOO excited.

Oops.. one more update. I get to lead ANOTHER marketing workshop. If you will remember, I did one for Middle Georgia Art Association on how to market their art. This month, I get to do a different presentation to the Macon Writer's Group. Mainly this will focus on marketing for those who are self published. I'm really excited and honored to share what I know.

Wow.. right? :-)

That's it folks. I think you are caught up on my life.

Oh yeah.. today is my 5 year wedding anniversary.

Until next time...


Robyn Burke said...

totally get the need to pull back and just be inside ourselves. I do this every so often and it's healing. and appropriate! take care Nicole.

Leanne said...

Been thinking of you like crazy . . . So glad to read up on your life. We need a phone call soon. I've needed a writing break, too. Almost ready to go back, myself, but not quite. So sorry you were so sick with flu - worried about you. Hugs.


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