Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Daylily Festival

Finally the festivals have ended - at least the ones my family are involved in! My sister's Daylily Festival in Gray, Georgia was fantastic! I have a few pics to share with you:

This was the coolest car I saw at the festival. I LOVE the green.

Autumn and I riding the choo choo train together.

This had to be the oldest car at the show.

What a great truck and what a great color!

It was nice to stroll along and enjoy the vendors..

They had at least a 100 cars on display

My mom is taking a pic of Autumn jumping! She is fearless!!

Ever seen a redneck wine glass? LOL

Mom & Dad - see - he is feeling MUCH better.

I opted for the cotton candy explosion

Lots for the kids to do!

heck yeah - stress relief!

I opted for Indian Fry Bread and a Diet Coke.

Mom & Autumn

Typical fried festival food in the south!

I love fluffy cows

This always means YUM.

What did you do this weekend?

1 comment:

TV's Take said...

Looks awesome and I love the redneck wine glass!


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