Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A mecca for experts

I had what you might call an illuminating conversation today at brunch. As my friends were eating their small stack of pancakes, and I with my egg whites and whole wheat toast, we all fell into that "he said/she said" convo. You know the one, 'So & so ask why I did not (this) & (that.)' Each of us had a little bit to add to it, with a smathering of eye rolls and exasperated sighs, when suddenly the male of the lunch group said, "You what it is, right? This whole town is full of "experts." Yet no one seems to get anything done."

Ahh.. yes, that's it.

From politics to the school board situation to community outreach to personal lives - people in THIS town (as well as many others in the United States) are FULL of people who like to tell you that THEY know better. Sort of the same people who like to tell many women what to do with their ovaries, or some couples whether or not they have a legitamite right to legally be in love. I could go on and on about said group, but the truth is, it won't fix the 'expert' problem.

I think people in my field of work experience it the most - Marketing. EVERYONE under the sun THINKS they know how to promote something. Then I look at our politico friends and sometimes I think we spend too much time analyzing their every move and expecting them to answer for it. When really, at the end of the day, we need to see action.

I spend a large majority of my day familiarizingmyself with local politics, stories about key businesses and following comments from the peanut gallery. I have to troll the basic local news websites, as well as social media pages. The pic with the quote above is the absolute perfect description of what I feel needs to be said sometimes. Tuck the crazy back in, folks.

As I watch the situation with the Bibb County School board, these images keep popping up in my head - it involves Demi Moore wearing a Pilgrim's outfit with an embroidered A. Or I see a flash of Winona Rider in the Crucible. Translation: It all is beginning to feel a bit  like a witch hunt.

The legitimacy of everything has sort of got muddled in the message. Maybe it's because I am in communications/media relations. The message is not clear. The questions in the beginning were legitmate. Now.. the communications strategy reminds me a little of the Puritans in New England.

Part of the reason I got out of good-old-fashioned journalism was the B.S. we are all exposed to each day in these arenas. The finger pointing, the name calling, the accusations.. it's all too much. I sometimes wish our representatives (even business leaders) would make a little chart that says -

Things I Said I Would Do/ Things I Need to Do / Things I Actually Did

After they complete the list, it needs to be mailed out to each home. Let that be that. Their evaluation will be during a vote, or by you spending with their company or whatever.

As for the rest..

Oh does it even matter?

My opinion has always been "Those who know the least speak the loudest." I know those in the know, get it. But unfortunately, there are so many others out there that are mesmerized by the loud/the obnoxious/the witch hunters.

Such is life, right?


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