Thursday, June 7, 2012

So many things!

There are sooo many good things happening right now, I simply don't know where to begin.

How about HERE. With the picture above.

My dear friend, Leanne, from "From Chaos Comes Happiness"  is a wonderful artist. She is witty, she is whimsical, she is tremendously creative and I am now the PROUD owner of some of her work. How COOL is that? I ordered the smaller print you see about "living life" and the magnet up on the right. But guess what I found when I opened my packaged- ALL OF THIS. My absolute favorite piece is the larger one above titled, "You are enough." I don't know if you remember me posting a quote a long time ago.. and it said something like, "I am enough." I love how Leanne captured that moment and sort of validated my affirmation with, "YOU ARE ENOUGH." I don't know what special "joo joo" she put into that picture when she was painting it, but it has empowered me... and good things will follow.

You KNOW I am all about supporting local artists. Why not support my friend Leanne? Like me, she was let go from her employer almost a year ago. Just a few months ago, she had an opportunity to go back into the corporate world, but she did something so many of us only wish we had the gall to do - She became what she always was - An Artist.

Please visit her Etsy site - Leanne's Etsy Shop link. Her prices are FANTASTIC. She makes jewelry, magnets, book marks, note cards, and basic artistic pieces. All are super positive and PS - Guess who created my little cartoon Nicole/Header? LEANNE!

Goood stuff, people. Just really good stuff!

ps - Though Leanne and I have never met in person, she and I formed such a wonderful friendship through blogging. Since then, we email and call one another to "check in." I hope some day soon Leanne and I will meet up - either in Chicago (her hometown,) or my southern belle of a city - Macon, Georgia. If you are a "silent follower" or have ever toyed with blogging, trust me - it's an excellent place to make friends from all over the world. I recommend you do it! You never know, one day I might be able to say, "You know that famous blogger/artist Leanne? Yep, she's my friend." ;-)


Tamika D. said...

I remember you telling me about this talented friend of yours! Her work is beautiful! Thanks for sharing...I am going to tip-toe on over to her Etsy page and take a look around! :)

Shannon M. said...

I love her artwork! I might need to get myself some magnets for my new fridge. Thanks for sharing!


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