Sunday, June 17, 2012

What are you really like?

I wanted to start off by saying "Happy Father's Day" to all of the Dads out there that might be reading this.

I thought of writing another "tribute to Dad" post, but I simply can't top the one I wrote two Father's Days ago. Just look at June of 2010 and you will see. :-)

Instead, I started thinking about perceptions. Luckily, with a blog, you get to read the thoughts of those of us who dare share our feelings with the world. Many of the writers you may follow, may not actually share photos of themselves. If you read my blog, without ever seeing my face - how would you describe me?

Also, oftentimes when we post pics on our other social media sites, we tend to pick out our "good side" - but what does that really mean? I have  few shots of me that I am typically mortified to post - but all of my friends say, NOW that's the Nicole I know.


Well.. here you go:
Frustrated Nicole

Lover of the Out-of-Doors Nicole

Seeker of Cultural Understanding Nicole

Relaxing with friends Nicole

Gossiping Nicole

Will bop you in the head Nicole (or actually - Never see this much snow Nicole)

You got it - Nicole

Bringing out the cat claws Nicole

What did you just say? Nicole

Picnicking Nicole. (Seriously... )

In disguise Nicole

Tell me about you - what are you REALLY like?


scrapwordsmom said...

Love all your photos:)

Leanne said...

LOVe these photos of you . . . They crack me up. Oh, and your eyes . . . SO pretty, my friend!


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