Sunday, June 10, 2012

Always one in a bunch

As I try to move forward and surround myself with people who make me smile, I find it blatantly obvious when I am around those that lack in positive vibes.

I remember reading in the book, "Living Christ, Living Buddha," (or was it living buddha, living Christ?.. oh well..) that people have inner wars within themselves. When those wars are at odds, they tend to spill over and onto everyone they come in contact with. Unfortunately, I find that some of the people I come in contact with (in my personal life) tend to have multiple inner wars, though they do absolutely NOTHING to find peace.

I woke up this morning feeling hopeful. Then as soon as everyone else got up, the wars trickled over. I left the room and found sanctuary on the computer, only to have more of the conflict follow me there.

Of course, the only thing I can control is how I react. I am sitting here, feeling anxious, but I chose not to react. Now the tricky part is, none of it had anything to do with me. Silly conflict amongst people with nothing better than to bicker amongst themselves. Very territorial. Very.. oh.. I'll just say it - pathetic.

Many times I have written about the importance of having sacred space. Your own little retreat to recharge and renew. Some of you may have an extra room in your home, like a basement, that is yours and yours alone. Some of you may have a back porch, or maybe even a special cafe you can hide in a corner. Unfortunately, I have yet to find my sacred space. No real private spot to regroup. God willing, I will find that space and allow myself to release the negative that keeps trying to swoop it's way back in. I won't let it. I am repelling it as we speak.

I think it is important we all do that. Put a little shield up from the naysayers, the humbugs, and the warriors of conflict.


Joyce said...

I had a counselor once that told me her quiet space was the bathroom! The only place in the house with a lock on the door to keep her kids out. She would go in there and read, just for 5 minutes, to unwind. :-)

scrapwordsmom said...

Having our own space is vital. I seriously have always needed's the only child in me!!!

Are you closer to getting an apartment?? I have been thinking of you!


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