Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Warm & Fuzzies

Oh my. My sister posted this photo on my fb page today.
I got to thinking.. oh yes.. oh my.

How true is this?

How many times have I had to "explain" myself after writing something?
How often do you have to apologize for your feelings?

You know.. it's a simple fact - people don't necessarily want to know the truth.

We are often so disillusioned when it comes to how others perceive us- often times people just get mad.

The truth is - are you aware of how you talk to others?

Are you aware of how you treat others?

Are you aware of the memories you are leaving behind?

When I write a post, I am recounting my experience. My side to the story. My slant, if you will. It's what I saw, it's how I felt at the time and it is definitely my perception.

I think the quote above is an excellent reminder to institute more "mindfulness" into our  lives. Let's all try to put ourselves in another person's shoes. Let's show compassion, patience, and realize that our opinions are not always sacrosanct.

If we practice being "mindful" - (the act of making conscious decisions and actions) - we would never have to apologize for our behavior, nor would be surprised by someone else's reaction.

Food for thought.


scrapwordsmom said...

Awesome and so well put, Nicole. I became aware of this when I wrote my weekly newspaper for 5 years...sooo many people were reading it.

First and foremost I love to write and I need to be sharing more of my stories as well as sharing my TRUTHS. Though not always what people want to is still my story.

Have a great day, Nicole:)


Leanne said...

I love this subject . . . . And it's funny, I just wrote a similar post to this on Sunday, and I hadn't even read this post of yours yet. I love this quote from Anne Lamott. How true. I hear you loud and clear, my friend.


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