Saturday, June 9, 2012

Things I have Learned This Week.. or Month.. or Year
I have been struggling to come up with some topics to write about. There are so many reasons why - but let's just say, maybe it's best I list out some of the things I have learned this week, month, or year. Perhaps you can read between the lines. ;-)

1. I am embracing summer! Last summer was a complete bust. I was stressing in June of 2011 at my former job, and then lost my job at the end of July. I slipped into a bit of a depression, and thus ended up losing a complete summer. Not 2012. It's on!

2. I am embracing my current situation. That means I am okay with where I am, and where I am going. It's been a long time. Guess what I feel most days? Complete joy.

3. I have added some fabulous people to my new circle of friends.

4. I have two lives. One work life and tons of people there, and my personal life - neither are mixing and it is going splendidly.

5. I am unable to write about things that are too personal due to the public nature of my current position. Therefore, I apologize for canceling your reality show. ;-) Yep. Most of my personal drama, feelings, insecurities have to stay hidden a bit. Trust me, it is necessary and was a request from those that give me a paycheck. It's all good, really. I just need to concentrate on the positive and leave those SUPER sensitive issues to my hard copy journal. You know me though.. I always leave a hint or two.

6. Speaking of personal issues and the past. It's up and it's down with the Other. I just don't know any more.

7. I am finding such joy with all of the activities I am involved in. I am opening myself up to all of the new stuff I am learning!

8. Latest cravings: Strawberries, Veggie Sandwiches and Ice Lattes.

9. Must haves: More lavender, more herbal tea and more Used books.

10. I cannot live without my Moroccan Argan Oil Hair products from Organixx.

11. I started wearing heels again, and my legs are aching. It's good though. I run up and down stairs all day.. what a work out! I think all women should work out in heels. LOL

12. Time to start implementing the serious bra. It hurts.. but it's time. (I got cozy during unemployment - setting them free or wearing a sports bra around the house.) Umm.. not a good idea. ;-)

13. My hair is sh*t. Not the texture or the health. The freaking cut. Time for something new. DESPERATE to find a good hair stylist here. Miss my Bham peeps.

14. Everyone is celebrating their 40th birthday this year. (A majority of my friends in Macon are older than me, in Bham, they are younger than me.) 40th bdays sort of feel.. oh I don't know... Heck.. never mind.

15. VERY excited about an event I am helping put together. It's the International Taste of Soul.. the first one this year was canceled due to lack of leadership. So the PAF Chair and I got together and whipped it in place and WOW.. it's turning out to be fantastic! It's June 24th - can't wait!

16. I need new clothes. I just do. Yes, I have plenty of clothes. But I need new ones now. ;-)

17. And shoes.

18. And jewelry.

19. I think it's time to buy the Keurig.

20. I made it to 20.. that's awesome!

What's going on with you? I love reading your comments, so tell me!

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