Friday, June 22, 2012

Cup of Tea
Care to join me for a tea break? Yes, I said tea. I am consuming a cup of lavender hot tea and trying to just unwind from a wild week.

Not only did I pick out a place to live, I have a HUGE event this weekend. I saw a ghost, I worked super hard and now I am just trying to sort my thoughts.

I am thrilled to be moving into my new digs. The apartment/flat is adorable. I opted for two bedrooms, two full baths, living/dining/kitchen, lots of closets and a large balcony. Excellent! (Not to mention, I am just one building over from the pool!)

I have been plotting how I plan to decorate, since I totally chunked the couch back in Birmingham. I want a "zen" feel to my new place, and hope to simplify and decorate accordingly. I suppose the whole thought of entering that storage unit after nine months of my things tucked away, is sort of daunting. I've never been seperated from my stuff for that long of a time. I'm actually okay with letting so much of it go- and starting over. It's totally possible. *sigh* What a freeing thought?!

My next BIG thing is to actually sort what I am taking and what I am tossing/donating/selling. THEN to actually set my move in date. I can't do it the week I get my keys, but I thought I might set up shop slowly throughout the week, then perhaps move the next weekend. Decisions.. decisions.

I already feel so much calmer just thinking about it all. My own space. I sort of got a smile earlier when I thought of my new favorite spot - THE BALCONY. Oh yes, morning blogging with coffee? Life IS sweet. :-)

1 comment:

Leanne said...

So exciting . . . . Can't wait to see pictures of the place! enjoy this moment, my friend. Time to start another chapter in the book of life!!!!


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