Saturday, June 2, 2012

Things I am Wanting More Of

Maybe it's laziness, or maybe I just want to share my wish list - but I thought today would be a GREAT day to share a few goodies I have my eye on.

Yesterday was pay day, and that means for us "shopaholics" we have an itching to do a little shopping. As you may or may not know, I keep a board on Pinterest called "Nicole's Wish List" - basically it contains items I plan to get one day, or dream of getting.

I added some new items recently, and thought I would share. (If you want the original source, good luck finding it. That's my little disclaimer for those of you who want to school me on social media law. ;-) )

NOW... for the good stuff:

Something to realign my neck? Heck yeah! I don't know about you - but this would be the perfect item for my sore achy neck!
The Shark Fin Ice Tray. How genius is this? How much fun also!!

I LOVE reading at the beach or by the pool. This is the perfect solution for keeping your book dry and separated!

Sooo... this turns red (like blood) when it gets wet. hahahahahaaa... More for my twisted sense of humor.

I LOVE these salt & pepper shakers. Such a huge fan of vampires. This would be so whimsical and fun!

Perfect Perfect Perfect item for me. I love to listen to music while taking a bath. This little duckie is basically a speaker. I think the pic says the rest!

I think these little lights are perfect for my future outdoor patio! Fun and colorful - like me!

I like this. LOL It makes me laugh.

I hope you enjoyed the collection!

1 comment:

Pam Lofton said...

That last one made me laugh too! I really like that neck thingy! I can feel it already! I have a hard time finding the original source on Pinterest--so, it's not just me? Awesome! LOL


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