Saturday, June 16, 2012

I bought a scale - and that was it.

I have the best intentions of any one I know. I wake up each morning with a long list of "good deeds" I plan to accomplish. Usually I will check off one or two, on a good day up to 10, but for the most part, my good deeds become intentions.

For instance, my weight... or rather, my health. I did really well last year. I was on weight watchers, I was doing zumba and body jam classes, swimming, and even a little jogging. When I lost my job, the first thing I canceled was the gym, followed by weight watchers. I save a total of $140 a month by doing that. Then I paid the price in another way - added weight.

I really started noticing a difference in the mirror. What used to be easily concealed, suddenly looked more obvious. Of course, all of these television appearances are not helping either. I saw the last taping of me and almost screamed. My neck was gi-nor-mous. I said to myself, "That's it - get back on weight watchers."

Yesterday, during a "Focus on Fundraising" workshop, I met a Marketing person from one of the local colleges. We were chatting about food, and somehow Weight Watchers came up. I mentioned I really liked it when I did it, and then she proceeded to show me the app she downloaded onto her Ipad. The program had changed - AGAIN! But this time, the online version was much easier to use. That's was it- the sign I needed.

I went home and immediately went on line to register, but realized that you cannot register unless you weigh in. We did not have a scale here, so I got up this morning, bought a food scale as well as a body weight scale and proceeded to check out the damage I had done.


I ran back to the computer, registered as fast as my fingers would type, and immediately handed my iced cappuccino to my sister and said, "Take this."

I think I freaked myself- skinny. LOL Sooo.. I am armed with a 3 month pre-paid membership to Weight Watchers,a goal to walk 30 minutes for three times this week, probiotics for colon (and less bloating) health, and vitamins.

DONE with the crazy eating. DONE with laying around. Done Done Done Done.


What about you? Want to join me on this little journey? Again. Maybe you can give me a little support, as I give you a little, and perhaps we can make something happen!


Holly Diane said...

good luck!! I am on a similar journey but I'm researching having the lap band surgery after not being able to ride my bike half a block without nearly passing out. How did I get this way!? I look forward to following your journey back with WW

Nicole said...

Seriously- I feel the same way - WHAT HAPPENED? I saw the last tv interview compared to the one in April and I KNEW.. wow. Almost 12 pounds in that short of time.

Good luck with your lap band research. A friend of mine had gastric bypass about a year ago, and it was hell. I heard the lap band is much safer.

I guess we'll take this journey together! :-)

Anonymous said...

I had a similar "Aha!" moment just over 2 months ago. Gave up all white carbs. I've lost 17 lbs. so far, but I've hit the dreaded plateau. No way around it, I have to, gulp, exercise. Nooo!

Anyway, I did what any blogger would do, I started a weight loss blog.

Best of luck to you!

High Heeled Life said...

Nicole.. I'm so with you!! There are so many of here in BlogLand going through this .. together we'll keep each other going... I've started doing a This Side of Thin post series, check out. Looking forward to reading and following and walking beside you on this healthy eating, healthy weight journey..xo HHL

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean. If I don't pay close attention, it can be a disaster. They don't call it the battle of the bulge for nothing! Good luck to you! I heard popcorn is just two points!!!

AnnaKaye said...

Good luck! I'm rooting for you! I know you can do it!

Leanne said...

Girlfriend, I am SO with you. I don't know what happened. oh, he'll . . . I KNOW what happened. The ice cream phase (remember that one?). Well, it was here WAY TOOOOO LONG! I actually just got sick and tired of my self this past weekend, and started back at the gym. It's a new day, my friend. And I hereby join you on the journey!


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