Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sunday is my Funday

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I have always adored Sundays. There is a sense of peace just floating through town. You feel as if most people wake up refreshed, knowing they have just one more day to relax.

Typically, down here, no one schedules events/parties/etc on Sunday. Since most people are "church people" around these parts, the typical Sunday consists of big southern breakfasts, followed by Sunday School and Worship service, then off to Grandma's house for a big lunch. The men retire to the living room, stuffed and ready for some football. The women clean up and sit around a kitchen table gossiping about what Maggie Mae wore to Sunday school.

Granted, that's NOT my Sunday, but it once was. Well, when I was a kid, and Granny was still alive, and family always went to her house. I suppose I have a less traditional family now - and that's okay.

I do plan to attend mass tonight. That I am excited about. I do plan to have a nice lunch with my family. But that's about as traditional as it's going to get.

This weekend turned out pretty A-OK in my book. I woke up Friday morning feeling a ton better. I left that evening to meet some old friends for dinner at a decent Mexican Restaurant in Macon called El Azteca. I used to eat there when I lived here before, it was near our home, and always had a great atmosphere.

After dinner, we scooted over to Starbucks to enjoy.. yes.. I did it.. the red cup drinks are back! I had.. well, first, let me test your Starbucks skills. Put the answer in the comment section:

Yep. Yummmm.... had me bouncing all of the way home. Which is about a 20 - 30 minute drive from Macon. I got home a little after midnight and if you read the previous post, I think you know the rest.

Saturday was a lazy morning. I sort of just played the Sims3 and relaxed. Then I caught up with an old friend by phone. I over heard my mom asking my dad to go out and go shopping with her, and he said he did not feel like leaving the house.  I could hear the disappointment in her voice.

I was planning on going out and wandering, so I did something I rarely do - I invited her along, which she happily accepted. We drove to my college town (where I graduated from 15 years old) - Milledgeville, Georgia. My school was - Georgia College & State University.

We went to my favorite hangout when I was in my early 20's - The Brick.

I had a wonderful basket of mini corn dogs with spicy mustard and a side of seasoned fries. Granted it tool about 30 minutes to get our food - but when you go to the brick, you sort of expect bad service.

After a scrumptious lunch, we wandered a couple of doors down to a coffee shop called Blackbird Coffee. Now, NOTHING like this place existed when I was in college. There was a place called Brewers back in the day - but the drinks were not so good. We popped in this place and I had a wonderful cappucino.

It was a bit chilly, so it was a perfect fall day to wander the streets window shopping with our drinks..

After we had seen enough, we drove into town and went shopping at the mall. I sort of took "Santa Clause" through Bath & Body Works and pointed out what I would like for Christmas. LOL

I helped mom pick out a sweater at TJ Maxx, and we were heading back home.

Unfortunately, I was stiff - so I popped a muscle relaxer and slept from 8pm until 6am.


Life was good this weekend... just dandy. How was your weekend?

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Doris said...

Peppermint White Chocolate Mocha? Well, if sounds good and I may try it next time I go! The mini corn dogs sound wonderful. And I totally need to visit that town sometime. It looks like just the kind of place I'd like to walk around and just meander through all the shops!


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