Friday, November 18, 2011

Breaking Dawn

I cannot believe I sat at a movie theater from about 2:30pm until 2:30am. That's right - Twilight Movie Marathon. A couple of friends and I watched Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn Part 1 back to back.

I have to say - it went fairly fast, and I only got a little loopy close to eclipse, and I want to blame it on a lack of real food and too much sugar and caffeine!

Twilight (the movie & book,) remains my favorite one to this day! New Moon.. eh.. I could snooze through it easy - Eclipse is good and Breaking Dawn Part 1 DID NOT DISAPPOINT.

I don't want to give away how far you get in the movie, but I do want to tell each of you to make sure to sit through the credits.. there is a little surprise for you at the end.

For the most part, our group had a blast. Everyone in the theater was in good spirits - except for this ONE random guy, who decided to sit up near the top where the rest of us were. EVERYONE in the theater was laughing and cutting up, whispering - you can imagine - a TON of teenage kids. This guy turns around to our group and says very loudly, "Are you guys going to talk and laugh through the entire movie? It's very disrespectful." Oh lord... you could have heard a pin drop after that. The funny part was, one of the husbands of our group, looked the guy dead in the eye and said, "We might." ;-)

It was a joke the rest of the move, everyone around us (who was sitting next to THIS GUY) would constantly shh each other in a joking fashion, and anytime someone in the theater would laugh (this only really happened during Twlight,) people would say, "That's very disrespectful." I suppose he got his in the end.

The whole time that guy was being such a douche, I wanted so badly to say to him, "Did your mother not love you enough as a child?"

I mean, seriously, what grown man comes to a marathon of Twilight - alone - and sits in a section with a row of teenagers behind him, and women dressed in "Team Edward" or "Team Jacob" shirts and asks for people to be quiet. God bless his twisted soul.

I am thrilled that Leslie and Lisa invited me to join them, it was a great way to watch a few fun movies, and also - another great way to spend my anniversary night (without) my husband.

I am not sure when this was taken, but I am looking a little worn out - but having fun!

This is Phillip & Leslie - I have known these two since Middle School. I believe they have been together since then also! (Seriously  married with 2 kids!) A classic love story!

These are the two peas in a pod - Lisa & Leslie. (I've known Lisa since middle school also.) So much fun to be around - you can just relax and enjoy yourself!!!

Tammy on the left and Barbara on the right (Leslie's friends) - Very nice!

All of the girls in our group. There were two guys there also! (2 husbands - bless their hearts.)

My souvenir cup!

Edward! They even had an Edward look-a-like (real person) to take photos with.

Famous scene from the Isle of Esme - If you read the book, you will get it.

Jacob was passing through...

Lisa & I. Luckily, Lisa lives in Gray - so she is an unofficial neighbor!

Three amigas!


scrapwordsmom said...

Oh I am jealous...wish they would do that here!! I am going tonight!!! My hubby, daughter and her friend. Sooo excited!!!!

Telisa said...

Small world...I know Barbara lol...she used to work with my mom!

Leslie said...

Look at me...I even have my vampire eyes

lisa robinson said...

I think you are talking about me on your blog lol

Anonymous said...

I'm not a Twilight fan.. but I don't hate it. :P I wanna watch the movie.. My friends tell me, it's great.. so okay. I will watch.. and look for flaws. LOL.. Kidding. :)

Leanne said...

Awe, how cool are you?? I am now, officially, two movies behind. (Guess I could have used a marathon just like this!) I'll did enjoy #1 and 2 and am fairly sure I've dreamt about Edward from time to time (or, was it about the other cutie??? Hmmm . . . ) Looks like you had a great time with some great people! LOVE it!


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