Monday, November 7, 2011

Sinus Conspiracy

What YOU looking at Willis?

Oh damn. The gods of the Sinus region have taken over. I am getting a visual of the Muscus brigade on the Mucinex commercials...

Here's my theory - last week, it had to of been a cold. This week - good, old fashioned attack of the mucus.

I woke up on Friday feeling like a human, only to notice on Saturday that my throat was a little sore. Followed by Sunday's ringing o' the ears. Today - oh glorious today, yuck coming up from the chest AND through the right nostril.

Did I mention I have a phone interview today with the Animal Rescue League in New Hampshire?

Yep - that would be today.

Yet, I sound like my nose is stuffed with cotton or something.


It's bad enough when you KNOW they will note a hint of an accent. But add this, sheesh... there is no way I can win this one. LOL

Who else is experiencing war with mucus???


TV's Take said...

Bummer! Good luck on the interview sinus problems and all

Leanne said...

Me. Me. Me. A couple years ago, I had a brief encounter with pneumonia. While I have recovered . . . it never fails that when I am fighting something, my lungs feel like they are being taken over by the mucus meanies. And this week, BAM . . . they are visiting BIG TIME. I wake up each morning sounding like a smoker and feel like I'm coughing up a lung. YUCK! Here's hoping we both feel better SOON!

Telisa said...

And don't forget that many people find a little southern accent very charming. I know you would rather have the plague than sound like us stupid inbred southerners, but it has it's benefits, too ;)


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