Friday, November 4, 2011

Things I have learned this week...

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I am back on track and wanted to do my "Things I have learned" on it's proper day. Heck, I could come up with 20 items per day if I had to!

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Okay - NOW - things I have learned:

1. That laying around makes me feel like a ton of lead. Makes me think of that song by Soul II Soul -"Keep on Moving." Being sick is the pits.. it feels great to be out of the fog of it all.

2. That the ice cream stage is lingering. Oh Leanne, you were so right. ;-)

3. That doing something, even when you don't want to, can always reap good results. I went to the Halloween party, though I was not in the spirit, had a kick ass costume, and made some new friends. That's always a plus!

4. Picking up a book and just diving into it is the best therapy. No, it's not necessarily something new I gleaned this week - but it became a reminder to me.

5. When you least expect it, extraordinarily good changes can come your way. I always forget to be patient. Slowly, but surely.. things are being revealed this week.

How's that folks?

Just 5 - since you got 20 earlier this week.

Also - BIG news - I have an interview with an Animal Rescue group on Monday in New Hampshire! It will be a phone interview, but I was both shocked and happy they wanted to talk with me. Considering I send a bazillion resumes all over the USA weekly, I realize it is a shot in the dark to get one out of state to call me back. This one is located in Bedford, outside of Manchester (which happens to be 50 miles from Boston!) Could be nice!!

We'll see...


scrapwordsmom said...

I think it sounds awesome!! Thinking of you, NIcole:)

What kind of ice cream??

Anonymous said...

Bedford is nice, and Manchester is in the midst of some awesome revitalization. It's a good, relatively central location. 30 minutes or so to Concord (the state capitol), 50 minutes to Boston, 50 minutes or so to the beaches, an hour to Portsmouth (fantastic port city!), 90 minutes to the mountains... :-)


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