Monday, November 21, 2011

Fantasy Shopping.

I want to go shopping. Really, REALLY bad. I had hoped back when all of this unemployment started, that I would be gainfully employed by now - happily purchasing gifts for my family, decorating my new home, and starting a new life with my egyptian.

Alas, that is not the reality.

This morning, I rode with my niece and father to my storage unit. I took two big boxes of extra clothes and and shoes, and traded out for other things. When I walked in, the positive energy from my goodies just hit me. Why? Those items were purchased with love. Hahaha... I know that might sound silly, but, that little unit contains my life. Literally - all of the things that belong to me.

Granted, I know my life is more than my stuff - it's the air in my lungs, the food in my belly,  roof over my head - my husband, my family and friends.

But folks, it's the holiday season, and the commercials tell me to BUY BUY BUY.

I am taking you on a fantasy shopping trip. One in which I pick out multiple outfits.

If I could.... I would....

One of my favorite colors to wear in the fall & winter is this plum. LOVE it. Works great for brunettes!

I always get compliments when I wear hot pink. Here are too of my faves - hot pink & black!


This boot is the only one that will do!

Everyone knows I LOVE red.

How beautiful is this????

This is too adorable (not to mention, I love to wear green!)

Classic black & white!

Triple swoon

Can you totally see this at a holiday party???

I love the neutrals with the pop of color for fall and winter!

This says Autumn! I would love to wear this on Thanksgiving...

I could see a girl's trip to Savannah wearing this!


Jacki said...

Loooove your spree!! I want a bunch of those outfits too :) No shopping for me either but we can daydream right!

songbyrd on the mountain said...


Forever Christmas 1904 said...

First time visiting, won't be the last! Can I come shopping with you? Men don't understand window shopping. My boys pointed to a beautiful, huge, absolutely sparkling chandelier at Menards the other day and shouted, "LOOK, MOMMY! YOUR FAVORITE!" Loved looking at all the eye candy you supply and want to come back and look at some older posts.

Wendy said...

Nicole, there is not one outfit here that I don't love. You have an AMAZING sense of style!!! You could easily be a personal shopper!

Leanne said...

Ooooooo, I LOVE these!!!! (how do you do them??? I must know!) But seriously though, the boots??? My feet and ankles hurt just LOOKING at them!!!! Tell me, could you really walk in them? because I couldn't!!!!! Holy moly! Those are crazy!!!!!

TV's Take said...

Love all these pics - A Lot!
Can't wait to read about your 'new path'


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