Saturday, November 19, 2011


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When someone tells me to keep trying, it sort of has a "yuck" ring to it. Not sure if you understand what I mean by the "yuck." Let's see if I can explain....

Remember being in gym class, and the PE Teacher would put you on the bar and ask you to do some chin ups. Maybe you were lucky and were able to just pull yourself up. For me, I was a skinny little thing with very little upper body strength. That feeling of pulling yourself up, and you just want to stop - that's the "yuck" feeling I am talking about.

It reminds me of Mr. Campbell saying, "TRY."


Today I will TRY -

- to keep busy

- get some fresh air

- keep a positive attitude.

No plans, now that my niece got into a little trouble, I don't have to take her to a birthday party. (Boy, that kid has more party invites than I do!)

I think I will do some reading, some pinning (on Pinterest,) and maybe a little Sims 3.

What will you TRY to do today?


Doris said...

Today I will not TRY to do anything. I will just resolve to DO it. If I say I'll TRY to do something, it leaves things way too open for me to not do it and then justify for no good reason why I didn't do it. If I TRY and then don't do it, I feel as if I've failed somehow. But that's just me....

scrapwordsmom said...

I am cleaning my house and trying not to eat sugar:)


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