Friday, November 25, 2011


Laura Rowe Photography

Are you a big "nail" person? If you look at my picture on the left, you will notice my hands are in the pockets, probably because my nails looked like crap. However, I enjoy wearing nail polish and I am fascinated by other people and their wild colors.

I will admit, I think the designs are tacky. They are fun, but not something I could get away with. (At least, not when I have a full time job.) However, I can appreciate the artistry in some of the designs. Special occassion/vacation/etc - sure, go crazy!

I tend to wear some basic colors - pink, hot pink, gold shimmer, pearl, maybe a nude, and more oftern than not, a typical french manicure. I do own black, and a deep/dark violet, and right now I have on purple. (Because I can!)

One of the things I have decided to do, once I am gainfully employed again is play a little more with nail color. (If I can... and maybe only on the weekends, since most of my jobs require me to be a little more on the conservative side.)

OPI, hands down, has the best colors. Well, at least in my limited knowledge of nail polish. The brand, Nicole, also has some pretty cool colors, and I have always loved Chanel's polish.

I want to share a few pics of some of the ones I really, REALLY like.

Imagine a night out with the girls - maybe a bachelorettle party, or 80's theme - or just a night of dancing. How funky is this???

Day of the Dead, baby! How fun to wear all black, do your skull face, and then have these fab nails?? Too cool!

Okay - LOVE. Swoon. Would wear often, and even to work. See what I mean about Chanel??

This is exactly what I have on right this minute. Perfect for fall!

I think this is fabulous! I see dinner or parties with this color. Christmas, maybe?

This is just fun! Definitely a night out type of color.

You know I love peacocks.. how cute is this???

I thought this was just too pretty. Not sure where you could wear this, but it's pretty.

Hint hint.. I am thinking my 39th Birthday party... (umm.. did I give away too much?? I picked out a theme for this year!!!!)

New Year's EVE!!!!!!

This I could see wearing to work. It's not so - In Your Face - more, I don't know.. classic.

Just for fun!

Fourth of July picnic? Valentine's Day? Disney World?? LOL

I would totally wear this to work. I actually wear this color in clothing - A LOT.

This screams summer.

Nice - coffee shot fun. ;-)

I am thinking - Spring - cocktails in the garden look!

Perfect nude.


Finally.... I just thought this was brilliant!

What are your favorie brands or colors or designs?


EmptyNester said...

I am not and have never been one of those fru fru girls but I do love a lot of those colors! There are even one or two I might consider for myself...LOL I'm kidding but I really did like them!

Dizzy C said...

I do like to paint my nails, and in the summer will not have naked toenails with my mules :)

Problem being that housework chips nail varnish in a day or two.

I do love the nudes that are around at the moment.
I have a matt purple which is funky.


Leanne said...

How strange is this . . . nails have SO been on my mind THIS WEEKEND! Really!!! I was just thinking that I really want to get a few of the cool new shades out (the browns, grays and those dark fall shades are calling me). And I was trying to figure out when I can get my nails done (professionally) this week. Totally LOVE this post - it's timed perfectly for me!


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