Saturday, November 5, 2011

I Ain't Afraid of No Ghost

I live in a house with people who are obsessed with the paranormal. Well, maybe obsessed is a strong word to use, but let's just say they talk about it - A LOT.

Of course they swear this land they are living on is haunted. It used to be an old battlefield during the civil war. They report strange, dry mist floating and hovering; sheets slowly being pulled off of them in the night; electrical items coming on and going off - you know, weird stuff.

Even my niece when she was about 2 or 3 used to play with a "Mr. Mopey." She described him as a man dressed in black and from what I can gather, his attire was a bit old fashioned. Or the little girl/boy she used to throw a ball to.

I chalk it up to an imaginary friend. THEY think of the paranormal.

Another thing they do is watch paranormal shows - ALL THE TIME. If my mom is not watching a cooking show, it's definitely a Ghost Hunters or Dead Files or something like that.

Last night, I came in close to midnight and mom was in the living room watching the goofy ghost hunter show. You know the one? The guy is super dramatic and has that faux hawk on his head. I started giggling through most of it.Then she moves on to Dead Files. I am dozing off, and of course my brain is processing what I am hearing.

I go to bed last night and have some troubling dreams. Weird ones about dead people, and murder, and what not.

Thanks family. That's all I needed.

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