Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Things I will NEVER, EVER do.

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Finding just the right "thing" to do/ be "into" is not very easy. As kids, we naturally gravitate toward the blocks, the cars or the barbies. But as we get older, our parents point us toward ballet, tennis, horseback riding, or softball. Maybe we excel, because that's what we do, or maybe we fail and end up disappointing our parents who were trying their hardest to live vicariously through us.

I have decided to come up with a list of items I will NEVER, EVER do/become/encourage my niece to participate in - etc. It's just me. These are things I don't naturally gravitate to.

1. Soft ball. Nope. Never, EVER played it. Well, maybe in elementary school PE class, but never recreationally. It never appealed to me. I do remember seeing the girls in school who played softball, they always were the chunkier ones, butchier ones, more "tom boyish." I was definitely a girly girl and preferred spending my Saturdays and evenings doing ballet versus this sport. If I had to pick a sport, it would be something like tennis or swimming or soccer. Maybe even flag football. But not softball.

2. Cheer leading. Nope. Never. That sometimes surprised some of my friends growing up, since I was a dancer. But between my dancer friends, we used to say that cheer leaders were dancers on crack. Not literally, but because it was more spastic in nature versus fluid and graceful. More gymnastic-eque, versus beautiful. If you took a ballet class then tried to cheer, you probably would not have those solid, quick, stiff movements a cheer leader has. It's a different beast all together. Sure, a ton of cheer leaders were my friends, and I would NEVER bash a cheer leader, but it was not my thing, nor would it ever be. To be perfectly honest, my niece is not the most graceful, but it seems she might end up athletic, she is doing really well in Taekwondo. Perhaps throw in a gymnastics class and she might seriously do well in that.

But not me,

3. Cut my hair short. It will NEVER happen. When I say short, I mean the kind of cut above the ears/close to the neck short. Think Winona Ryder. Except, I think her cut is adorable - just not on me.

4. Go blond. Nope - NO FREAKING WAY. I prefer dark hair. I do have one friend that is a natural brunette, and she is completely blond, but honestly, she looks better as a blond.

5. Wear flip flops everywhere. Nope. Nope. Nope. I detest those things. I think they are appropriate for children only. I was pleased to see Clinton & Stacie agree!

God.. I know soooo many people who do this. LOL

6. Go hunting/eat deer. Hell to the no. No No No No No.

7. Lip injections. Though, I naturally have pouty lips - so at the same time, not necessary.

8. Drink root beer or cherry coke.

9. Get a gold tooth.

10. Censor my writing.

What about you???? What would you add to the list, or what do YOU agree with??


Cassandra said...

I've had to censor myself on my blog before. My thoughts are naturally vulgar. In my head I swear a lot. Also, in the area of content, I've gotten fired from a job and lost friends from things I've said on the Internet soooo...I do think carefully before I blog these days.

Also I am guilty of the flip flop thing, dying my hair blonde, and I love love love cherry coke. Hehe.

Heather said...

No worries on the softball/cheerleading with Wild Child. I went the sportier route with taekwondo but that's as far as I'll go with her. Next up- definitely dance.

Leslie said...

Love this list, although I'm guilty of having done a few of them. :P

#2: I was a cheerleader in Junior High! :P

#3: Just yesterday I was telling Hubby that I wanted to chop off all of my hair, to which he replied, "Okay, Britney!" Then I explained that I was only going to leave my roots. (I'm embarrassed to admit it, but they're pretty long!) To which Hubby replied, "Okay, Sinead!" To which I argued, "No! I'm thinking more like Halle Berry!" Hubby didn't say anything after that. :P I blame the meds I'm on for my bronchitis, because now that I think about it, short, short hair is not the look for me. :P

#4: I've been platinum blond. I prefer red. :)

#5: I live in flip-flops. I'm not a big fan of wearing shoes, so flip-flops are my thing. :P

#8: I ♥ root beer & Dr. Pepper. But I don't like cherry soda. :P

#9: I have a gold crown!

#10: That's one of the things I admire about you. :)


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