Sunday, November 20, 2011

Plans that cause a chuckle.

Laura Rowe Photography

I still dream for things, even though they seem so out of reach these days.

Before life punched us in the face, there was a time that I felt my career was about to soar. I also felt that in time, my husband's career was going to work out. We talked of the future and things we wanted - as in our home.

Our dream home.

I still have those dreams, and God willing, they can and will come true.

I have been collecting pics of styles I like for my "dream home." Because I am telling you now - who ever ends of hiring me next, is going to have the most determined, hard working person on their hands. 

Let me share my "dream house" pictures with you. (They say to put it out in the universe - right??)

 I miss my sun room - however, if I had a porch like this - I think I could find a new place to blog!

Then - I have this absolute love of all things "Tiffany" blue and Audrey Hepburn. When I saw this pic, I thought - wouldn't this make the perfect guest bedroom?

What's a powder room without a beautiful classic black & white theme?

If I had my house back, I would need to host exchange students - and isn't this just lovely?

I have always wanted a black and white stair case.

I LOVE a wood burning fireplace, and why not a fabulous one on a big open porch?

Then, I need a place to be creative. This zebra rug and the words DREAM are fabulous

Again - the blue, and I LOVE fancy chandeliers.

I can see sitting out here with a friend, gossiping the day away.

A perfect guest bathroom. I love the white and green together.

No babies for me - but if I did have one.....

I thought this was the PERFECT dog house, then to see a Husky on top - it was destiny. (I used to have a Husky.)

I love the rustic/shabby chic kitchen!

How cool is this?

What a great bathroom - I would love to have a space like that to do my makeup.

An attic closet is PERFECT!

Knowing the egyptian - he would like a very neutral bedroom.

I think this is just too pretty.

If I had to pick a fab home - this reminds me of the southern homes down here.

What a great space to curl up in and read!


Then this is more my style!

Of course, I did not share some details.. but these are just a few of the pics I have saved on Pinterest for my "DREAM HOME" board. Click on the link to check it out.

What did you like the best?
Do you have a Dream House board on Pinterest? If so - share the link in the comment section with our friends!


Jane@flightplatformliving said...

love your taste! i LOVED the kitchen with chandeliers and the deck with fireplace best! i ADORE pinterest and have any home's my link

robby watson said...

WHEN!!! you do get your dream home...I happen to know the absolute best plumber for you!!!

Yenta Mary said...

I love this! Never stop dreaming!

I got to see part of the show about American Muslims last night - it was so cool to see them in Dearborn, just 20 minutes or so away from me. And what they showed (at least, what I saw of it) was accurate - in Dearborn, many things like football practice revolve around the Islamic calendar and traditions; and if you step outside that little enclave, there is still sadly prejudice ....

Leanne said...

OK... I'm going to repeat the line from one of my favorite movies and simply say "I'll have what she's having!" LOVE these rooms . . . Each and every one! That robins egg blue is the color of my kitchen, and I'm so in love with that color, I could put it on every wall in this house!!!!


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