Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Moments that knock my socks off!

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Maybe it's karma, or maybe it's coincidence - either way, there are moments in life that you just go - YES! THAT'S WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT!

Satisfaction in knowing you were right, or better, or smarter, or just one step above the rest.

You know those moments... right?

For instance....

1. You go to have your taxes done, and discover that for once you are actually getting money back!

2. You head to a pub with your closest friends and discover that the bartender has ordered your table a round of free shots.

3. You scan pics of your ex's new "love" and discover that YES - you were a WAY better catch than their current choice.

4. You pull out your coasts from last year and check the pockets for old tissues and cough drops, only to find a $20.

5. You walk up to one of those quarter games (the one where you put coins in to push the quarters off the side) to discover - SOMEONE did not get all of their quarters out of the slot!

6. You are browsing through various skirts on the rack, to only pop over to the clearance rack and find one "accidentally" marked down!

7. You are looking through the Facebook profiles of some of the people you went to high school or college with that were just waaay too cool to have anything to do with you, to find they have not aged well, nor has life treated them kind.

8. You pray really hard for something or some situation to change, and like a miracle - it does!

9. You think you have absolutely nothing in your pantry, to only open a cabinet and find you accidentally stashed something yummy in the wrong cabinet!

10. (I can't relate to this one.. but..) You are hoping and praying you are NOT pregnant, take the test - and BOOM - all is well. (Or the opposite.) You are wanting a baby sooo bad, and BOOM - finally you have conceived!

I could go on and on...

What are some of your "knock your socks off" moments?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

oh.. when I told a girl friend, NOT to drink too much at a party and she just got VERY angry at me... and she ended up throwing up in the bathroom.. I guess, that counts? lols..

Whoa.. that #3 is the bomb. haha!


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