Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Playing Santa, well... not really.

"Fa la la la la.. la la la la." Tonight I FINALLY went Christmas shopping. I probably walked away with about $300 worth of stuff for me, and very little for anyone else.

What is my problem?

Perhaps it's the sales and the whole idea of retail therapy. I needed it, I really did. But then again...

Back to playing Santa. Well.. not really.

I tried to pick out gifts for my family. I tell you what, it's simply not easy shopping for adults. Not easy at all. Unless you are buying super expensive electronic items, the pickings are slim. I won't go into great detail as to who is getting what (and no, Mom, I have not even started on your gifts yet,) because I know they actually read my blog.

I ended up shopping in my museum's store and picked up a few fantastic books that a certain someone in my family will love. I went online and ordered a few items from my friend, Leanne's Etsy shop. I then trotted over (virtually) to amazon and did a little ring a ding ding with the ol' card. Then tonight, I braved the hell-on-earth, other wise known as, "WalMart." I had  to start shopping for the blossom (aka, my niece, Autumn.) I did strike gold as far as kids stuff goes: Perry the Platypus bedroom shoes; Monster High chap stick collection; her very own hot pink sequined caboodle case (smaller than Auntie Cole's but similar- like a make up trunk); light blue glitter nail polish; Hershey's chocolate lip gloss (all of which will go into the make up trunk, so she can be like her favorite Auntie; a new Monster High doll; a composition notebook (she loves to write sentences. Ahhh... a girl after my own heart.; and a few other odds and ends that I can't remember. This will all go with the other stuff I already have for her: African percussion instrument from the museum and a Monster High - Make a Monster doll.

Heck, I'm just getting started.

As for the rest of those knuckle heads, I. Have. No. Idea.

The funniest buy of all? Christmas Cards. The ones I will NEVER actually mail.
It's tradition, you know?

I did buy wrapping paper and big, over sized Christmas bags. The lady at the check out asked why I had both? I told her that I like to wrap the gifts, then place those gifts into one bag for that person. It makes it so much easier when traveling. I have one big bag for dad, mom, Heather and Autumn. The egyptian is planning to travel the week of Christmas, soooo.. not sure what to do about that.

Do I get him a gift? Even though he does not celebrate Christmas. Or do I hand him a card that says, "Hey, I paid all the bills. Merry Christmas."

Oops. That was my sarcasm slipping out.

Okay.. okay...

Time to tuck myself in and get some shut eye.

Hope you have a fantastic weekend. I am booked solid with stuff to do. It's all good, I assure you!

Let me know how your Christmas shopping is going in the comment section! Give me some ideas for gifts for my parents.

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Leanne said...

Thanks for shopping at my store, love!! everything was shipped out yesterday - USPS says you'll receive it Tuesday or Wednesday. hope you love it all! I always have a hard time shopping for the adults in my life, too. Although - I think I am SO EASY to buy for, and they would probably say otherwise. I try to find unique stuff - that they would never buy for themselves. When all else fails, there is always underwear. Who couldn't use a new pair, right? ;) as far as the E . . . I'd give nothing. Not a single thing. The. End. ;)


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