Monday, December 24, 2012

A message to the Bah Humbugs out there:

This message is to all of the bah humbugs out there-

Just stop. Seriously.

Look around you, what do you have to complain about? Do you have shelter? Do you have clothes? Do you have food? Then you have enough.

Trust me.

Last Christmas was an absolute bust for me. I was living on a couch,  jobless, no official home to speak of, stuff in storage, husband in another state....

Give me this one day.


So you don't believe in Santa. Fine. You're an adult. We get it. The jolly guy with the beard and red suit was created by.... *insert jeopardy music here* Coca Cola. That's right.

But there was a Saint Nicholas. He was a fourth century Greek bishop of Myra. There are a lot of legends surrounding him, so feel free to check them out HERE. In a nutshell - he was a giver. As I am trying to be this holiday season. I have given to several charities: St. Jude's, Diabetes Association, Tubman Museum, Salvation Army and Loaves & Fishes. I hope you will do the same. That should make you feel a little better....

So you don't believe in Jesus. That's between you and God. Oh wait.. you don't believe in God. That I can't help you with - but the Jesus bit...YES - he did exist, whether you believe he is the Son of God or not.  He is a historical figure, not a mythological figure. The Jews, the Muslims, the Buddhist, the Hindu - they all recognize he was a real man. So pardon us for celebrating his birth. You don't have to celebrate - but don't rain on my parade. I would never poo poo you celebrating the birthday of your Father. So, don't do the same for me.

So you are sick of Christmas music. Fine. Change the station. But when I listen to it, it puts me in a better mood - let me have it. Keep your rants to yourself. As for my Christmas lights and tree, yes.. I know they are pagan based. But I also know why we adopted these traditions. Do you? Plus there are tons of traditions all across the world. Don't know them? Check them out HERE.

Regardless of what you believe or feel - don't hover with your dark cloud. This is a very important night for Christians. A night that heals so many hearts. We are excited to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior. You don't have to agree, but you need to respect. As I respect you.. all year long... shouting how you are an Atheist or Agnostic or whatever. I don't comment, I don't say a word. Just keep the bah humbug out of my day. Two days people - that's all I am saying.

As for those who believe, but their spirit is completely broken- Listen... I get it. Don't concentrate on the material things, try so hard to see the big picture. Try to feel the calm that descends on the night.. as families snuggle in together. Help those less fortunate- and you will find the peace you are seeking. Imagine life without the few comforts you have now.. and perhaps THEN you will find the Christmas Spirit.

I know I did.


Leslie Limon said...

Amen!!! Very well said, Nicole. Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas filled with lots of love, laughter, and happiness.

Brandy Alexander said...

I cannot believe you are still with the Egyptian. You are so stupid. Seriously. He is leaving you during the holidays to go to New Jersey. I know he doesn't celebrate Christmas, but he knows you do. If he loved you and wanted to be with you, he would stay home with you. HE THREW AWAY THE CARD YOU GAVE HIM FOR YOUR ANNIVERSARY.... In the words of Maya Angelou, "The first time someone shows you who they are, believe them." I don't what you're waiting for. He clearly shows you that he doesn't give a damn about you. The only reason he married you is so he could get his green card. You know it and I know it. Stop kidding yourself. You're just prolonging your suffering. Have you ever thought that by staying with this guy you're missing out on somebody else who will actually give you the love and respect you deserve? You need to stop staying in this marriage because you are scared of what other people will say to you and you need to dump his ass because he's not good for you! C'mon now! Have some self-respect! You deserve better. When you know better, you do better. Start your year off better. Kick him to the curb.

Happy Holidays.

Nicole said...

Brandy Alexander, first of all - never call me names. Stupid?

Also this post has nothing to do with my relationship - but with trying to keep the Christmas spirit.

Hoosier Chick said...

To Nicole, Merry Christmas!! I hope your new year is just as fabulous as you always are and I miss you :)

To Brandy, I don't know you but I find it a little ironic that the post is a message to Bah Humbugs and you are being the Bah humbug.

Happy holidays to all!

Brandy Alexander said...

Nicole, if you don't want me to call you stupid, stop acting stupid! Simple as that. And yes I realize I am being a 'bah hambug,' but giving you the cold, hard truth is better than feeding you a lie. I realize this is none of my business, but surely you knew other people would see your posts and comment on them. I honestly wish you the best and I hope you find what you're looking for. <3

Nicole said...

Brandy, I honestly don't care what you think. Thank you for the well wishes, however.. I am not "acting stupid" nor am I stupid. It's really none of your business.

I will do what I want to do when I want to do it. As far as you are concerned, whoever you are, I wish you only happiness.. and stick to your own journey. Your advice and words are unwelcome here from now on.


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