Thursday, December 20, 2012

Tis the Season

My living room
Did you hear that? That "shhhhh" sound? That was me, letting out a very loud - EXHALE.

The Christmas Vacation is very quickly commencing.

I had one last hard core meeting this morning, we were dealing with the sales and promotion of one of our biggest fundraisers of the year - All That Jazz. It's a really swank event- black tie, heavy h'orderves, cocktails, dessert bar, etc. Two major headliners will be performing, "Phil Perry" and "Pieces of a Dream."

If you are a jazz fan, it's a definite must see.
The tickets are $40 for balcony seating and that price only includes the actual concert. The tickets that are $125 a piece are for the floor, and that includes the dinner, cocktails, dancing and even an after party with AJ the DJ.

Wait.. let me just share the actual poster with you:

Again, you are all invited! ;-)

This afternoon I need to run some of the promotional posters out to the downtown business establishments. After that - I'll rush over to pick up my car (yes - oil change, 4 new ties, new tag, new license.. I'm some what road ready now!) There is a board meeting and holiday reception this afternoon, which will be a nice break. TOMORROW - Staff holiday party and we are free at noon!!!! YAY!

Then.. it's all good times and good stuff.

Life is going well right now - Home is peaceful, work is peaceful, finances are peaceful - God has truly blessed me and 2012 - you get a A in my book. ;-)

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