Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sounds of the Season

Maybe you'll cringe when I say this, but I LOVE Christmas music. I do.
I tend to keep that information to myself. I know, I know... you get tired of hearing it all month (and sometimes for TWO months,) but if you limit you "holiday intake" and listen only in those perfect moments, it can be super magical.

Here is my little advice on how to NOT O.D. on Christmas music:

1. Listen mainly at night. After everyone in your house has settled down, go into your living room, turn off all of the lights, except for the Christmas lights, then select a few faves, drink hot tea or egg nog and just meditate on what you hear and see. I think it truly puts things in perspective.

2. Wait until December to put up the tree. Spend that (post Thanksgiving) time finding the boxes and what-not and just enjoy November for what it is - Fall and the bounty of the harvest. Also, do NOT listen to Christmas music before December.

3. Actually listen to the words to the songs. A friend of mine came to me the other day and was telling about how she finally listened to "Blue Christmas" and began to sob. (She is going through a divorce.) It just reminded me how people tend to take it for granted that they know the songs by heart, and have forgotten to actually listen. LISTEN. It will make it more worthwhile.

4. Limit your "Christmas Cheer" to a few times a week. (Parties, shopping, desserts, etc.)

5. Finally, don't force it.


1. My absolute favorite of all TIME:

2. This next song.. oh my... brings back so many memories. For one, the years I spent waiting for my egyptian to get here from Egypt (while going through immigration,) and of course.. when we have lost people so dear to us. This song.. the lyrics.. will break your heart. :-)

3. This next song has to be my absolute favorite song at Midnight Mass... I love singing it. The story behind it is sort of the historical recount of "other" people recognizing Jesus's special birth. Listen carefully to the lyrics... beeeuuuutiful.

4. The next song, is another FAVORITE for the holidays. When I hear it at mass, the lights are down.. the candles lit... the inscence burning... wow.. it's magical.

5. My church's choir sings this next song.. acapella also.. and it's haunting and beautiful. This sounds very similar. Give it a listen...

6. Back to the pop side of things.. LOVE this song..

7. Another FABULOUS song. Makes me want to go shopping. Don't ask. ;-)

8. I am doing this for you. YOU must take the time and watch.. or at least listen. This IS Christmas to me. Every single year... it's what inspired me at the age of 5 to take ballet, and it changed my life. I know each note by heart. God.. it's magic.

9. This next song is the VERY first song that is song when the clock strikes 12:01am at Midnight Mass. It's powerful

10. And finally.. I grew up in the 80s. How could I NOT?


Optimistic Existentialist said...

I LOVE Christmas music. I start playing it in early November (much to the chagrin of my coworkers lol). Nicole I really love this blog and I am now officially a new subscriber :)

Leanne said...

OMG GIRL!!! Before I even scrolled down through your post, I was singing Band Aid's "Do They Know it's Christmas Time". Seriously! I have such a vivid memory of laying on the bed in my room and singing along to this song with my sister. I LOVE THIS SONG and it will LONG be a favorite of mine! As I'm sure you know - I am a lover of Christmas music. Another LONG TIME favorite of mine is Peter, Paul and Mary's "Holiday Celebration". If you don't know it - you MUST buy it TONIGHT . . . !!! I sing along with it ALL SEASON LONG! (Yep . . . for real!)

Tesha Vann said...

Christmas music is great but it's time someone writes some new stuff, don't ya think?
Good selections!

Yenta Mary said...

I listen to Christmas music while baking cookies - it's the perfect soundtrack. And if they're playing Wham or Mariah Carey, even better! The up-tempo songs are the ones that set the right mood; while I adore choral music, something more fun infuses the treats with just the right spirit ... :)


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