Saturday, December 8, 2012

Things I Have Learned This Week

1. Christmas Lights. The Christmas Tree. Christmas Music. Little pieces of Holiday Cheer. It's magic, if you will let it.

2. Solitude is really good for reflection.

3. Egg nog is one of my favorite things about the holidays.

4. I can bury the hatchet. But only when I deem it necessary.

5. Vertigo. It's VERY intense. As well as the medicine they give you for it.

6. I need to throw more poetry cafes. It was a huge success last night. I even read some of my work. ;-)

7. Went to a Leadership Macon interview. (I was nominated.) What in the world am I getting myself into?

8. Muscle tension. Extreme. I think I have been sleeping so hard at night, and the weather is cool, my little muscles and joints respond. (Must be the age thing.)

9. I am super excited about an upcoming trip! My bestie and I are heading down to New Orleans. Her 1st time, my 6th time... but I love it EACH time.

10. In about a week I plan to do an overhaul on the Ole Bug. 4 new tires, oil change, massive detailing. She will fly across the deep south on our trip in good shape!

11. One of my closest friends (who is 6 years old than me and worked for YEARS as a TV anchor) was a huge proponent of Botox. She told me DO IT DO IT DO IT. Then my ex-roomie, who is gorgeous, works in a Day Spa and she said the same. Fast forward to Wednesday, and the tv friend said, "Don't it." She said she had been doing it for a few years and it messed her face up for a while. Okay... well.. there's my decision. Will. Not. Do . It.

12. BTW - I am insane about skin. I LOVE good skin. That's the obsession with #11. I do not lay out. I do not use a tanning bed. I use a sunscreen daily. I moisturize, exfoliate, and cleanse morning and night. I try to drink lots of water. INSANE about skin.

13. I am OFFICIALLY joining a gym next Friday. I think I am ready (financially.) YAY!

14. I heard my work gives Christmas Bonuses. Is this possible?

15. I am beat, worn out, sleepy. I worked hard for the money last night. Again, the Poetry Cafe was a success.

16. I just love Shel Silverstein. Always have, always will.

17. I want another tattoo. I do. I know what I want. Just not sure if I should.

18. My biggest fear is that I don't live life to the fullest. I honestly treat each day as if it were my last. Why can't other people get on board? ;-)

19. I love my blog.

20. I promise to be a better blog reader. I am trying to schedule time to respond to other blogs, etc on my lunch break. I just haven't had a lot of time. Well.. that... and I spend about 4 hours a night watching something on Netflix. ;-)


Claudia Fugate said...

Your inner self insights are amazing - I need to reflect more - thanks for the reminder. PS - YouTube has a video on the Epley (?) maneuver - for the vertigo. Simple and easy to do by yourself at home. I highly recommend it over drugs. Hope you have a great day. c

Tesha Vann said...

Sounds like a busy week!
Solitude is so underrated.
Glad you didn't do the botox thing and hey perhaps when you get to your goal weight you can reward yourself with that tatoo.

SharleneT said...

Hope that Vertigo leaves you, soon. Maybe another 3 weeks. (Most of my friends who have had a bout say it's a six-week thing). Um... can't you watch Netflix AND read comments? It's crunch time, lady! Fingers crossed for your bonus, too!


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