Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Make a Splash

I've been very busy thinking about next year. As you may know (if you have been following me for a while,) I follow Leanne's lead (at From Chaos Comes Happiness) to pick a word to live by. I'm trying to figure out what my word will be, and what tiny goals I plan to set for myself.

For 2012, I picked the word MOMENTUM. I kept telling myself to keep moving forward, don't stop until you see something you like. The year started off really lovely, with three days and two nights in Savannah with some good friends.

New Year's Eve 2011, Tybee Island, Georgia with me, Lisa & Leslie

We rang in the new year by sitting on the beach and watching the fireworks over the Atlantic Ocean. It was simply magical. I left my cares there - my worries.. and I remember thinking, "This is it. I will leave my worries behind. 2012 will bring new experiences into my life."

And I was right.

My first meal of 2012 - at Clary's in Savannah, Georgia.
I made a promise to just keep moving.. moving.. moving...

I knew I would find a job (finally.)
I knew I would be back in my own house. (again)
I knew.

Yep. Left my word on the beach

I sent my word out to the universe and let the ocean eat it up.

Me on Tybee Island.
I let the wind blow my cares away! (And almost my hat!!!)

I let laughter erupt!
I laughed.
I talked.
I felt like the old me again.

I regained my spirit.

And check it out... From unemployed, slightly depressed, broken, homeless (technically,) to


I'm on the second row - 4th from the left.


I kept the momentum.


1 comment:

SharleneT said...

Hee hee. I picked you out before reading where you were standing! Great 2012! So proud of you.


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