Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Art, Apartments and Action!
 I am starting my morning off right - with a cup of coffee and a little blogging. Ahhh.. *insert sigh of relief*

This week is a pretty important week for me, personally. This weekend I will finally be in a spot to start applying for apartments. This is going to be a big hurdle to cross, considering credit and lease issues from the eight months unemployed. However, I was never late with a payment (rent) and what happened was a result of my little economic crisis. God willing, it will all work out.

And it truly can. And it will. Somewhere out there is my future humble abode, and I am looking forward to settling back down. That's exciting! Basically I am hoping for the best, and totally prepared for the worst. You know, worst case scenario, I'm out a few hundred on app fees. BUT - I am planning on going through this slowly, and making sure I find something I truly like, versus just moving to be moved.

Did you guys have a great night last night? It's sort of odd for me now, most of the shows I followed had their season finales last week. For instance, Sunday nights I watch The Real Housewives of New Jersey (thank goodness, they just started back.) I love the Gorga's and the Wakile's. That Theresa is a handful, isn't she? NOT a fan of her. The sad part is - this is their life, and we get a front seat to them making spectacles of themselves.

Also on Sunday nights I used to watch Mob Wives, however, their final reunion show was this past Sunday. HUGE fan of this show. I love to watch Drita, Renee, Carla and as you all know - BIG ANG. Not a fan of Karen and Ramona. That show is soooo interesting. These chicks remind me a little of some of the type of girls I grew up with- tough as nails.

Monday & Tuesday nights used to consist of Dancing With the Stars. I am a HUGE Maksim fan. (Again, something I have written about.) New to my eye is Tristan. Hello?! BTW - I was hoping Maria would win, however, I am sooo glad Donald did and not the prima donna.

Wednesday and Thursday nights were American Idol and Survivor. I'm okay with Phillip Phillips winning, would have preferred Joshua Ledet - who people.. let me tell you.. had a voice like no one's business! Survivor - no real fave popped out for me. The girl who won was okay, and I am glad she did, though any of the three in the end were good with me.

Now my week is completely open. I've picked up a book I started a month or so ago and was sooo caught up in it last night, I did not fall asleep until sometime around 3ish. I may have mentioned, but Greg Iles is one of my absolute favorite authors. He just captivates you from the very beginning. I am reading The Quiet Game by him and I simply cannot put it down. :-)

This weekend is about to really kick off. If you live in middle Georgia - there are a few picks I have chosen to check out and I encourage you to do the same.  For one, I am actually entering a photo in an art exhibit! Seriously! It's one of the pics I took in New Orleans. I have always loved this photo and decided to showcase it at:

Another event I am looking forward to is First Friday Fest in Downtown Macon. After a meeting, I plan to run down to Rosa Parks (Park) for the grand opening of the park expansion. Throughout the evening, the Macon Jazz Messengers will be performing and Michael’s on Mulberry will be selling food and drink.  After a little stop by there, I will head over to the Macon Art's Alliance Gallery. Saturday I plan to attend the Daylily Festival in Jones County. In what is known as the "Pecan Orchard" next to Gray Elementary, over 100 craftsmen and exhibitors will be set up, tons of food options, a Teddy Bear parade at 10am, a car show, kids activities, petting zoo - the works! (Also - my sister is the head of this event!)

Another busy weekend, hopefully with no emergencies. What's on your plate this weekend?


scrapwordsmom said...

So happy you are closer to getting your apartment. How exciting and a long time coming!

My family and I were soooo disappointed with Idol this season. We didn't connect to anyone like we have in the past. My husband and I and Emma liked Colton and Skylar. Jackson loved Philip. We liked him, too...but man I was I a big Colton fan. Anyway...Joshua could are right. Enjoyed watching him and was surprised when Jessica made it. I didn't like her at all.

Anyway...I have been stopping in...just not leaving comments. So happy you are living your life and things are all looking up!!!

TV's Take said...

Good luck on the appt search! Hopefully you'll find a place without too much concern.


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