Sunday, July 10, 2011

Changes are afoot

While away on vacation, I made a couple decisions about my blog. I thought about why I originally started writing, how it has grown and matured a little, and where I want to take it. Yes, I am ready to start taking baby steps to the next level.

What does that mean and what does that look like, I am still trying to decide. This is my baby and it is my ultimate passion. With over 12,000 to 13,000 views a week, I would like to see that grow. I want to reach people, but still stay authentic. If people want to follow, so be it. If not, that's okay. If you google search a certain topic, I would love to be one of the options. I still want to share all of my personal stories: the good, the bad, and the ugly. But I think it is time I get a little more serious about it. Not in a weirdo way of trying to market myself and be super obvious about it. But just clean it up a bit, do what I do best, and share all of the bazillion ideas that are in my head.

For one, I think I figured out a way to keep it personal, without totally ticking people off. I also like sharing some of the research I do from time to time. I like making my lists. I like sharing my favorites.
Why not turn all of that into something a little more... how do I say it?.... organized!

I know me, and I know I am NOT a planner. I like things to be fluid, and just get inspired. I promise you, that will always remain my main source of material to write about. But I do have a million ideas, and I thought I would start jotting them down, and somehow write the way I know how.

For one, I have a small notebook I am keeping in my purse. Anytime something sparks my interest, I jot it down. That "inspiration" will one day become a blog post.

I also plan to keep my camera in my bag also. I am always finding waay cool items to share with people. I want you to see what I see, experience what I experience.

I have made a schedule of sorts (I say that loosely) of how I can get all of this organized. I think the routine will be good for me. I am actually trying to put more structure in my life. It is all part of the Happiness Project.

Okay.. soo.. here is what I have (tentatively) decided to try:

- Sunday - I still like the idea I started about 1/2 a year ago (and sort of fell off) about my spiritual Sundays. I have sort of lost my passion for the Zen and the Spiritual, so I think by making Sundays my day to write about my passion - My Spirit. I will call it - Nicole's Zen Moments. Maybe I write about a Saint, or prayer, or God, or meditation, or new agey stuff. Who knows. What ever sparks my interest will make it to the blog.  I think by starting my day off with this type of information will remind me to keep Sunday holy. So.. be it!

- Monday - Since Mondays are usually hectic, I thought I would use Mondays as a great day to highlight my favorites! I am calling it, Nicole's Choice. What I will do is feature a recipe for the week, perhaps a favorite quote, a must-see movie, a "song" I am totally loving, a book you simply must purchase, perhaps a local restaurant I visited that week, and my favorite one of all - FEATURING ONE BLOGGER I THINK YOU SHOULD FOLLOW! I follow quite a few, but there are a few I love, love, LOVE. Each week I will highlight one I want you to go check out. This is combining a million different items I love to write about into one post a week!

Tuesday - You guys know I have 500 passionate causes I like to get behind. If you follow me on my personal FB page, I am constantly posting a video or story, or whatever. I have decided Monday will be- Nicole's Passion. I have a long list of items/causes/etc. that I want to make you aware of. That's the business I am in, and that is what I like the most. I am finally tackling some topics I keep putting off. I am going to put this out there, because I have been approached by a few nonprofits to blog about their cause.. and I will - only if I truly feel a passion for it. If you are a nonprofit or a an activist of sorts, send me an email and I will check out your site.

Wednesday - I am all about doing something. Not just talking about it. I know it sometimes takes me a while to take the steps, but I thought I would dedicate Tuesdays to Nicole's Action. It could be as simple as how to take action on or a part two on my passion, or perhaps it is 5 tips for doing XYZ.  Maybe it could be a challenge of some kind (like our Happiness Project we are working on.) Whatever it is.. it's something we can all do. Literally - DO.

Thursday -  This is another favorite idea of mine, one I have tinkered with off and on. It will be called, Destination: _________. That blank could be ANYTHING. Could be a place I love to visit, some place I hope to visit, maybe something I hope to accomplish. It's a way to showcase the people/places/things that I believe in.

- Friday - This is the day I slowly begin to decompress on. I figure.. why not list out everything I have learned that week. So Fridays will feature: Things I have learned this week. I hope to come up with a better title, but this is the basic idea. I do one from time to time, but I think it is an excellent way to share my findings, and sort of unofficially vent. ;-)

- Saturday - I am bringing back the State of the Union. That's right. Every Saturday I will catch you up on my personal life. This one might be a little lengthy, but it will keep you up on my friends, work, and of course.. the never ending saga with the egyptian. :-)

There you have it. A way to organize all of the things I am already doing - but making sure I get it done. That does not mean I will not post a random from time to time.

What are your thoughts? Do you think this will help me? Do you like the topics?

Just curious!


Terry said...

I had made some decisions like these not too long ago...and being the global unorganized person I am...I am still flying by the seat of my pants with no rhyme or reason to my blogs. But...I also have about 25 views a week! :-) Good luck with your choices..I like them and look forward to watching.

LV said...

Yes, I think this will definitely help you. I think writing down your ideas helps keep you focused. I love all of your topics and would enjoy reading them.

scrapwordsmom said...

I think a schedule it wonderful. I used to have one then stopped but have been toying with the idea again. We shall see:)

Love everything, Nicole!!!:)


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