Saturday, July 2, 2011

Safe and Sound

I am officially tucked away in the Oconee National Forest at my parent's home. Yes, tucked away - no real civilization for at least 30 miles.

I left Bham around 4am this morning.. and made it here by 9am. I think I have taken a total of 3 naps today. Traveling by itself is tiring, but traveling early and cutting into your sleep time is even worse.

Not a whole lot is going on - and that is exactly what I wanted. We had tacos for lunch, followed by a quick drive into Macon to buy me a car charger for my phone. Yep - I think I left mine back in Bham. We did stop by the Gallery, mom showed me her "Seascape" paintings from the last show.

Now, back in the "Wild Woods" as my sister calls this place, we just finished eating chili dogs and having vanilla ice cream. Yep... I hear the pounds packing on as I type.

It's been a delight to laugh and talk with Autumn. She is finally at an age where I can reason with her, I spent most of the day showing her how to play the different games on my Iphone.

Right now - Mom is watching either another Ghost-hunter-esque show or a cooking show.. Dad is trying to keep his eyes open, but will soon begin to nod off on the couch.. while my sister and Autumn are working on a Quilt.



Until next time...


Anonymous said...

Wow, sounds really nice. I'm hoping for a quiet weekend. I'm visiting my parents, also! I hope you have a good visit, and enjoy your time with them!

H.G. said...

Sounds real fun... :-)

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you are getting the chance to unwind. Peacefulness surrounding you is a good thing.

SharleneT said...

Great way to recharge the batteries! Have a peaceful and great Fourth! And, be careful on the return trip -- those Georgia people have no concept of speed limits!

Peggy K said...

As I read your words, I felt the calm! Ahhhhhh!! Nice!!!


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