Friday, July 22, 2011

State of the Union

"My life has a superb cast but I can't figure out the plot". ~Ashleigh Brilliant

Time to break down my week for you - in detail!

What a week it has been... VERY busy at work with reports and what not, and at home - just a bit of a roller coaster. Not in a bad way, but in a polishing the stone way.

All is well in our little kingdom. Sunday, the egyptian and I relaxed at home most of the morning, following a late night with friends. We ended up inviting two girls from my writer's group, "See Jane Write." I promised them yummy egyptian food... and lo and behold, the egyptian provided. I wish I could pronounce or even spell the main dish, alas, I cannot.

Shemika & Tamika
We enjoyed a lovely meal followed by coffee and conversation. Following dinner, one of the egyptian's Palestinian friends popped by and we had very interesting conversation about all of our cultural differences. The Palestinian actually grew up in UAE (Dubai) and Saudi Arabia. We were all fascinated with his stories...

So Sunday, I finished cleaning up from our evening and just relaxed. Later the egyptian treated me to a movie, "Jumping The Broom" and then pizza. The movie was cute, and the pizza was okay. Of course, we hurried home so I could catch the Real Housewives. ;-)

Monday - Wednesday at work (and at home) was a blue. Reports - Reports - Reports. I do remember finishing The Tudors, Season 4 and falling madly in love with Henry Cavill. But other than that.. those 3 days were a blur.

By Thursday, my body was decompressing from a stressful work week, and I had a blazing headache. I sort of chilled out at home and watched multiple episodes of Ally McBeal. A little laughter mixed with a dose of Motrin made me right as rain.

Laura, Veda Jane & Jamie
Today was lovely. I spent lunch with two of my friends, Jamie and Laura and little Veda Jane. Sad to report - Jamie is moving to Austin with her husband, so he can attend graduate school. Who knows when and if I will ever see her again. :-(

This evening I relaxed at Starbucks with my English friend, Julie. She suffered through my obsession with The Tudors, and we talk quite a bit about England. I was trying to talk her into being my personal tour guide soon. ;-)

Here I am - 10:30pm, and chilling at the house. I got home about an hour ago, and apparently the egyptian went out with friends, but accidentally left his phone here. Oops.

Me & Veda Jane
This weekend will be fun, and busy. Tomorrow is Zumba Toning in the am, followed by our Russian and Jamaican friend popping over for dinner and swimming. Then Sunday, my friend Julie and her husband and kids may come by for lunch and swimming.

All in all - I give it an A+.

As for stuff - I am obsessed with Beats Antique. Never heard of them? Well - I downloaded tons of their music to my Ipod.

Also - I started a new book, "The Rise and Fall of Alexandria. Birthplace of the Modern World." A little book based on my husband's hometown.. and possibly my future home - one day. It's fascinating.



Maeve Frazier said...

Hi Nicole - I couldn't decide which one to post on. I chose this one because, I have to say, you are one busy girl! It is fun that you are sharing this with us. I visit your blog frequently, I don't always post - I will do so now, just to tell you how much I enjoy your blog. I receive so much inspiration from it. (I think I have told you that before.) But, thank you for sharing so much of yourself with us. Love it!

Maeve Frazier said...

Hey - so, I am back. It looks like you were on my blog when I was reading yours. Is that amazing. Just had to stop back over hear to let you know that. Hugs, Maeve


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