Sunday, July 3, 2011

Just a swingin'

I simply could not imagine that peace would come so quickly. As I type this, there is absolutely NO tension in my shoulders, I can breathe deeply and I have not thought of work or home... until this moment.

It's barely been 24 hours.

WOW. I knew I was resilient, but this is WILD!

Oh Happy Day ~ I woke up at 7amish (naturally, since I went to bed last night around 9:30pm.) Autumn slept on the couch with me. It's a HUGE over-sized, super soft couch - she slept at one end and I at the other. I wore my Wonder Woman PJS and she wore her Pirate costume. Seriously... she slept in her pirate costume.

My dad got up and made me coffee and homemade buttermilk biscuits with sausage gravy. If there is one thing he knows  how to do - it's cook a mean southern breakfast.

After breakfast, Autumn and I decided to drive out to this random playground/community park in the middle of nowhere. I have to admit, it sort of freaked me out.. I think I have been living in a well-to-do bubble for entirely too long. My dad gave me directions to this park - turns out, it is in the middle of some poor country homes. I got out, and immediately - thoughts that never enter my mind - did. WHAT HAPPENED? I used to attend a high school with gang members, plus I remember going with a photog out to the projects for a live shot of a hostage situation, back when I worked in news. What the hell happened? I get out.. and it was nothing more than poor, country people, looking at me with curiosity (probably b/c I was looking at them the same way) - but it sort of made me nervous at first. After Autumn took off for the basket ball court, I was scouring the ground like a crazy woman, making sure there were no needles or anything like that... hahahhaa.. I laugh now.. b/c that is soooo unlike me. Is it because I live in a different environment now? WTH happened to my street sense? Geez..

Anyway.. needless to say, no one bothered us.. Even this creepy guy who came by the park just waved and said "Good Morning." I said hi, then immediately felt guilty for thinking anything would happen to us out there. Seriously? I need to get out more. ;-)

Well... at the park - I think I released a ton of tension. We played soccer, we played basketball (well.. we tossed the ball around.. and we kicked the soccer ball around.) After we cooled off from that, and from Autumn singing a little Lady Gaga.. I taught her how to throw a Frisbee. She did great! But, she got a little bored with that game, and headed straight for the play ground.

Since no one was at the park, I decided to join in on the fun. I actually took the time to swing. Seriously. I can't remember the last time I swung. (Swang? Swinged? What is the right tense here.? lol) I found myself going higher and higher.. and finally, Autumn says, "Auntie Cole.. how will you get down?" LOL

As I was swinging, I started relaxing. I laughed, I leaned back and looked at the clear blue sky and the tall Georgia pines... I just let go... all the tension just left me.

I even went so far as to climb up the playground equipment thing and slide numerous times. Autumn and I were giggling. She says to me, "Auntie Cole - you are fun to play with. I wish you lived here."

I just giggled along with her.

Finally we decided to go for a drive. I rolled the windows down and opened the sunroof. We were playing a little Lady Gaga, Ricky Martin and Ozzy Osbourne.. and driving along the country roads. I stopped by this little country store and bought us something to drink. On the way out, we saw a Hot Boiled peanut stand and bought a big Styrofoam cup of peanuts, and headed back to my parent's house. Everyone was thrilled we bought peanuts.

Remember how I told you I grew up in a creative home? We walk in to my sister painting a sign for the new puppy Autumn is picking up on Tuesday!!!! One, was fun to sit and watch someone paint, who is actually creative and 2 - a PUPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Did I mention I have been loving on all of the cats since I got here. *sigh*

My dad showed me some of the calligraphy he is working on. Really wonderful quotes he has matted and framed. Mom was showing me her latest paintings of the beach, and they were telling me about their trip to the Keys. They brought me some souvenirs - some Peacock feather ear rings, a quote/magnet by Hemingway and some Chakra stones. Something tells me that mom must have read my blog. LOL

Well.. it's time to head outside for a water gun fight. Autumn has challenged me - and please know - I am not afraid.

Have a blessed Sunday!


SharleneT said...

Don't rag on Autumn and her Pirate pjs when YOU were in your Wonder Woman pjs! It's wonderful that you're having such a great time. Tells you mountains; don't it. Keep enjoying the weekend and have a great Fourth. Come visit when you can.

Telisa said...

YAY for YOU!! God knows (as well as I do) that you need a BREAK! I'm so happy that you are getting the R&R you deserve. Now, get your butt over here later this week so I can bask in your happy :))

Peggy K said...

It's so nice to read how this trip is de-stressing you!!

Laura said...

Everything sounds just perfect!!! Absolutely perfect!!!

Komal Ali said...

YAY!! :-) So happy that you're having a great time.

Leanne said...

It warms my heart to read this - and to feel your peace. It's awesome. Truly awesome. Hold on to it, my friend. Hold on tight.

Yenta Mary said...

Oh, this sounds so perfect -- a trip away from everything you know and into a whole different world that's so easy to forget even exists. Not just the neighborhoods, but the PLAY! We should all swing and have water gun fights in summertime ... we'd be much happier, calmer people if we did ....


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