Monday, July 4, 2011

More time than I thought

Happy 4th of July!

Turns out, I have more time to blog than I originally thought I would. Typically my time is full with going from place to place to place.. for once.. it is going very slooooow.

Today my family and I went to a little nature trail called, Dauset Trails. Spent the day checking out the animals, and walking.. walking and more walking. I would say it was restful, but my mom and dad are easily irritable, soo I feel like they complained more than they enjoyed themselves. I suppose they are at the age where they prefer to stay home..

Not me.

Soooo.. yesterday, with all of the fun Autumn and I had together, I have figured something out. She has tons of energy - just like me. We are both in a house with people who are the exact opposite. She is going stir crazy right now.

I think tomorrow, our trip to ride horses and go to the lake (just the two of us) is perfect. I think we can have much more fun on our own.

I suppose my mood took a little turn.. the only reason I was coming for the entire week, was to spend the rest of the week with my closest friend. However, she is having a surprise visitor (which is great) - but sort of cuts into the "hanging out" and chatting about life and such time. Sooo.. my weekend is free. Do I stay or do I go home? I can't seem to decide. I am busy Tuesday and Wednesday... but my Thursday/Friday plans are not going to happen. Perhaps something will pop up and give me cause to stay. Right now.. not so sure.

I was hoping to go see a friend of mine play (he is in a band) on Thursday night - but as it stands, I would be by myself and that is not going to happen. *sigh*.. decisions.. decisions..

Maybe I should just go back home.. deal with the egyptian and relax with friends there. I am sure Julie might be free, and Irene or visit Laura and the baby. Who knows...


Guess I am just bummed. My adult time got squashed. This too shall pass...

Well.. waiting on the BBQ ribs to be finished. Dad is out on the BBQ grilling it up - then relaxing with a sparkly vampire marathon. Yep = Twilight, all three is what is in store. I wore my parents out with the hiking (my idea) - and now they are too tired for the Fourth of July festival at the marina.

You know, I guess I work so hard to entertain folks when they come to visit me (family/friends,) that is sometimes blows my mind how little I get in return. I am doing all of the entertaining with the family..

What to do.. what to do....

Yep, at least my time with Autumn is good. She hardly ever sees me.. even though it is me doing all of the planning and coming up with fun activities.. at the end of the day - it's good.

Blech. Shaking off the disappointment now. Maybe those homemade brownies with vanilla ice cream will do the trick.

It's going to take 7 days of Zumba to shed the pounds I am packing on here... boooo...

I think I need some swing therapy tomorrow. ;-) LOL

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