Saturday, July 30, 2011

Adopting a New Attitude

I'm just not the wallowing type.

I took some time last night to stuff my face with red velvet cake, but could hardly make it through the entire piece. I tried to watch a movie, but my eyes only wanted to close. I slept, and slept hard. No crying myself to sleep, no tossing and turning.. I simply slept.

I am awake, and I am ready to tackle the day.

Good news - I am taking the egyptian this morning for his exam. It's a 2-parter in order to get his teaching certification in Alabama. Remember, he is certified in the Middle East - just not here. Say a little prayer for a good score!

I am still planning to go to my Zumba Toning class. I think it will be great for the residual stress, and I truly believe routine is going to be important for me.

More good news - I am meeting a friend of a friend (this was decided well before any of the bad stuff happened) and ironically she is the Assistant News Director at the top TV station in town. She heard about what happened and wants to talk to me about the Morning Show Producer position. Maybe......

Soooo.. who knows. Carpe Diem... I am open and willing and God is in control!


Leanne said...

Smiling here.

Sending positivity your way. Have a great day and update when you can. XO

Holly Diane said...

Sending positive thoughts your way! Happy Saturday

Peggy K said...

Well, I'm reading this later in the afternoon, so I'm hoping the lunch was "productive".


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