Thursday, July 14, 2011

Things I Have Learned This Week

"You've got a lot of choices. If getting out of bed in the morning is a chore and you're not smiling on a regular basis, try another choice." ~Steven D. Woodhull

1. That the egyptian is a fabulous cook, and a Sunday afternoon lunch at his table is a beautiful way to spend time with him.

2. That going to the dollar theater and following that with a trip to Pizza Hut for a $10 cheese pizza, has become one of our favorite dates. Simple.. cheap.. and just what we need.

3. Taking a week off from work is heaven.

4. Returning to work after a week off is email hell.

5. My body is telling me - I STILL need to find more ways to relax. Perhaps this will open up a whole new world of activities.

6. I am excited about this whole Smash Book idea that Leanne introduced us to! Perhaps creativity is lurking just below.

7. That planning a dinner party is super fun, especially when it is going to be for new "acquaintances" that appreciate culture and art.

8. A swooshing feeling in your leg does not mean you have a blood clot.

9. Keurig coffee makers make me smile. Nantucket blend is fabo. I will never scoff at new coffee technology ever again.

10. Those bitches on the Real Housewives are completely clueless.... and I love watching them.

11. To cut my hair or not cut my hair - at the end of the day - no one will care but me.

12. One thing the egyptian I agree on is we like a semi-firm/semi-pillow top bed. Not to hard/not to soft.. and we want it King Size. Ahh.. mattress shopping can be a bonding experience!

13. There is such a thing as a S'more Cupcake. I swear! I bought one.

14. That considering seeking Alternative/Integrative Medicine is a little scary. More and more research will be needed.

15. It may require a 30 minute drive to continue to enjoy the candle I bought at the monastery. And it will be worth it.

16.That flats can be cute and fun.. because it may be time for me to put the heels away - for good. Long story.

17. Taking time to do my makeup in the morning is a bit of a zen moment for me.

18. Snakes. I am surrounded by snakes in professional clothing. Trust no one. Keep to myself is rule #1.

19. My health has taken a back seat for a couple of weeks, my body is talking to me, and I am listening.

20. You don't have to wait until Sunday, or a Birthday, or New Year's to begin again. Each day is an opportunity - and I hope to seize them all.


Leanne said...

Really love this post (so many of the things yiou learned this week made me smile!) Great list -I may have to borrow this idea!!!!

Peggy K said...

This post is like your week of gratitude statements. Very calming to me! Hmmm...maybe because I like lists. (Note to self: do more lists, just not more "to-do" lists).
Love some of these thoughts, Nicole.

Shermika said...

Some of this was sheer hilarity! I don't think I'll ever put up the heels but the knees do need a break every now and again! #18 is a hoot. That's the first thing one learns when they get a gig.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful list of things you learned this week. I think this is an excellent way to close our your week! Looking forward to seeing more like this! ~Hugs, Mitzi

Laura said...

Oh I so love this list, and the things you learned this week. I completely agree with you on #10 and #11!!!

Kaley said...

Flats! Yes! Being 6 feet tall makes flats your best friend. They can be super cute, you just need to embrace them! I'm always jealous of my friends that wear these amazing high heels, and I flop around in my flats. But, they open up a whole world of adventure! Or at least that is what I tell myself. :)

my inner chick said...

~~Excellent insights.
Looooooooooooove your cheap date night. MMMMMMM, I might do that.
popping in from LBS....xx


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