Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Movie Marathon

For those of you that have figured me out a little, you know how much I LOVE independent movies. Sometimes I need a break from all of the quirky drama and I watch television series. Now that True Blood is over for me and Mad Men (I watched all I could watch,) it was time for something different. To lighten things up, I did happen to watch Season 1 of Bridalplasty. (Don't laugh at me.) 

In between all of that... I went on an independent marathon. Last week, here are the wonderful movies I watched. (PS - I did watch about 4 more, but I would NOT recommend them.) 

I truly enjoyed watching Lars and the Real Girl. Fascinating take on delusion and detachment. Quirky, funny, touching and a few times it pulled on my heart strings. Safe for the whole family to watch and not too dark. Tiny Furniture was fantastic! It was very much post-college-what-do-i-do-with-my-life coming of age movie. Quirky. Funny. Witty banter. The main character's snarky/quirky dialogue reminds me of things I would say. LOL Blue State was probably my least favorite of all of these. But it's fun. I like how it forces people to stick to their threats (you know, people always threatening to leave the states if someone wins the election.) Funny.. I watching Going Down in La La Land last night. It is NOT one for the whole family. Lots of sex.. but it is about a gay man who moves out to LA to try to make it into the movie business. He finds himself doing what I am sure so many other people end up doing out there. Fascinating journey and good stuff. Take This Waltz is genuinely one of the best movies I have seen in so long. I love how the main character went with her heart and if you have ever fallen in love with someone and did not want to hurt the one you were with... you will get it. I think it is a great movie that shows how it happens, and how you are not necessarily trying to hurt other people. Broken English was great. I love how this woman went with her heart. The whole, "You need magic in your life" line spoke to me. I, too, need magic to feel alive. Finally, Rid of Me. WOW. Heartbreaking. Quirky. Funny. Just a slice of life.

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