Saturday, March 9, 2013

Things I Have Learned This Week

1. That the COO of a hospital is not going to tell you the truth about whether or not someone without insurance is going to receive the same care as someone with insurance. Though, that's no big surprise.

2. That tendinitis/carpal tunnel/arthritis or whatever the hell it is I have is incredibly painful.

3. Steroids are working. I am back to my old quick typing self. Inflammation be gone!

4. I am hoping the steroids will make me so energetic (like they have in the past) that I can tackle that closet of mine today.

5.I am slower than a turtle when it comes to sending out a package in the mail.

6. Third Season of True Blood (my marathon watching..) and Sookie is Bills. Then she is Not. Then she is. Then she is not. Seriously.. she's worse than me when it comes to her one true love.

7. Speaking of my one true love - I made a conscious decision to work VERY hard on that. Baby steps... right?

8. I bought a really beautiful summer dress. Problem - I need a slip for it. I have not worn a slip since.. well.. the 80s. Do people still sell those things? ;-)

9. It is a sign that you are definitely getting older when instead of dropping the $100 on the bad ass heels, you  drop the $100 on the really comfortable black shoes with cushion on the inside. Don't worry - they're cute, definitely not in the "sexy" category.

10. I need to find a good dentist in town.

11. I need to purchase a toy box. My apartment now holds more items for children than I ever imagined could happen. These things need a home.

12. I ate a delightful salad all week, exercised at the gym and gained 3 pounds. God I love my metabolism.

13. Two big events tomorrow. I am just so tired.

14. Though I always dread summer.. this year.. I am actually looking forward to it. It comes and goes with the years for me. Since I am gainfully employed, and I live so close to jetting away to the beach, I think my weekends will consist of running down to Savannah from time to time. I have no excuse. I need to smell the salt air. I need a little sunshine in my life (not on my skin.. mind you.)

15. I have uncovered many excellent southern recipes - some family, some otherwise. A certain bloggy  friend in the mid-west is going to get some of these secrets!

16. Seriously considering that pottery class. Again. I know.. I keep talking about it... I am almost at the point. I sort of dropped the idea of ballroom, for just a little while more. I am so tired these days...

17. I am going to state it for the record. I LOVE MY KINDLE.

18. I am so excited that jelly beans are in stock every where. They make me happy. Just not the black ones. Oh how I deplore the black ones.

19. Spent the day in a Health Care class with Leadership Macon. (That goes back to #1.) We heard from an epidemiologist, the marketing guy from a hospital, someone from the Children's Hospital, someone from Hospice, we toured Wesleyan College's nursing program, and we heard from a Health Care Economist. Interesting all around. VERY long day. Food sucked. Seats Sucks (in an auditorium all day.) EIGHT hours. But the information way good. The space was not suitable for conversation. So it felt like a lecture. But interesting... health care is always a big passion of mine.

20. Finally - I feel great today. Ready to conquer the world! How about you?

1 comment:

bob said...

Just curious, did you find a slip for your dress? I know my girlfriend gets hers from khols and walmart. She wears the half slips.


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