Thursday, March 21, 2013

Did I mention I'm going to Chicago?

I've been fortunate enough to visit many major metropolitan areas in the United States. Many times it was because of work, or some conference or in some other official capacity. Which meant I spent most of my time inside some hotel conference room, and maybe an evening or two out exploring. 

FINALLY, I get another opportunity to travel somewhere, and THIS time it is for ME. 

I am so excited I can hardly contain myself when I tell you who and where I am going.

Soooo... a couple of years ago I discovered the whole blog networking thing. Somehow, some way, I discovered the Lady Blogger's Society and even more specifically, the Lady Blogger's Tea Party. This was a Saturday link up and discovery tour of other female bloggers from all over the world. The deal was you were to visit at least two blogs, leave comments and let them know you stopped by, then report back to the main page about your experience. I can assure you that over half of my loyal followers came from that link up. 

Somewhere.. at some time.. I happened upon what I thought was a mommy blog, but quickly I discovered was anything BUT! It was a peek into a someone else's life.. someone with similar interests, insecurities, hopes.. dreams.. etc. That someone was my dearest bloggy friend, Leanne. 

I just adored Leanne right off the bat! She has a wonderful blog called, "From Chaos Comes Happiness," which immediately tells you she is a normal person! She was just a few years older than I, trying to hold down a full time job, raising two beautiful little girls, and deal with the ins and outs of living life. What I found fascinating, (other than her amazing story telling ability,) was that she was an actual artist! I have followed her from working a corporate job in health care, to losing that job, to following her dream to becoming a full-time artist. I have one of her pieces of art hanging in my office today! She and I have become the definition of the modern day pen pals!

Well.. the great news is, after a few years of sharing life stories in blogs, in emails and even on the phone, I am finally flying to Chicago to meet her and her family! It's one of those cities I just haven't quit made it to yet. Needless to say, I am thrilled beyond belief to not only meet this dynamic family, but also to see a new city and make some new friends. Of course, it doesn't just end there - I have followed her sister, Laura's blog for a few years, as well as her friend Peggy's. These three women have been a fountain of support for me through emails, and comments and with Leanne, phone conversations. I am thrilled that they trust to open their homes to this "virtual stranger" and let me share one weekend in May with them.

Did I mention how excited I am?! 

This will be the second time I have met someone that followed my blog. I met Cassandra back in Birmingham on her way through from New Orleans on her way back to NYC. NOW.. I get to meet three more!

Just another reason I adore my blog, the blogging community (true blogging community,) and fellow writers.



Leslie Limon said...

How exciting! I totally remember those Saturday Tea Parties. That's how I discovered your blog. :)

Leanne said...

I am SO EXCITED to host your weekend adventure to Chicago, my beloved dear blog friend. I feel like we have known each other for years, so I can't even imagine there being a moment of quite between the two of us (much like our phone calls). This post makes me SUPER happy!!! See you SOONEr than soon!!!!!


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