Monday, March 11, 2013

How Do You Bloom?

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If put in the right situation, each of us has an innate ability to flourish. It's sort of like when we joke about the planets aligning and the stars are just right in the sky, we feel like some divine force cleared all of the clutter and suddenly, we are where we should be, we are doing what we need to, and we are making a difference.

My question to you is- How do you bloom?

For me, I have to be in the right environment. That is the most critical element. I need to be able to set my own schedule, create new ideas, to feel like my work/purpose is appreciated, and not be controlled.

This can go for the home, for work, for friendships, for hobbies - everything. 

At home, I can say that there is a little lack of control here on my part. I am slowly chipping that away, but in the process, it is causing a division between myself and my partner. He comes from a very rigid culture when it comes to the home, and I slowly but surely am "westernizing" his thought process. It takes a long time.

At work, I am finally in an environment where I can truly bloom and flourish. I am surrounded by highly intelligent people with doctorate and multiple masters degrees. People who are not only able to carry on a half way decent conversation, but are wonderfully creative. Ideas are shared, healthy debate is encouraged, and I am not bound by massive marketing policies. I can use my own ideas and do with them what I may. I am truly a Director in the largest sense, and there is no middle management to slap my hand every time something does not go according to some abstract policy. It is liberating. Guess what? I'm kicking butt.

When it comes to hobbies/volunteer work, I tend to carefully pick my commitments. I have to be able to have flexibility. I have to work with people who will use my talents. I have to choose an activity that makes me feel more alive.

When it comes to friendships, I need friends who love good conversation, who can appreciate a good cup of coffee - and honestly, they need to be interested in cultural things. I find that I am one of the few in my tightest circle that truly enjoys art galleries and theater performances and festivals. Most of the people I know (here at home,) are content with chain restaurants, going to the movies and sitting at someones home drinking beer. While there is nothing wrong with those activities, it's just not something I get excited about. It's hard to find people to associate with that enjoy the cultural stuff, but still like to go and do the other normal things from time to time. I suppose I bloom when I have friends that are more balanced with these types of things.

Back to the original question - How do you bloom? Think about the ways that life has created a smooth path for you and identify the factors that helped make that happen! I think if we incorporate more of that into what we do and how we do it, we will flourish like never before!

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ms.composure said...

stumbled on your blog via the blog hop at:

these past few months have def been a "blooming" time for me! a lot of adjustment with my job and school stuff. very stressful but hopefully it will all be for a good reason

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