Thursday, March 28, 2013

New Project

I've been working on a new project, however, I'm not ready to go 100% public with it yet.
I actually bought a domain name and created a website dedicated to holistic living. Something I have slowly been incorporating into my life and have been studying for years.

What I plan to do is share what I learn. Simple as that. Keeping it very informational, nothing personal. It will be articles, graphs, links, and other lists to nourish the mind, body and soul.

I am having to grab the bull by the horns and attempt to pull myself up and I want to share that progress with others. I've toyed with taking this online program in alternative medicine/holistic living - just for me. You do end up with a certification in life coaching, but it is geared toward living a healthier, NATURAL life.

No diet pills. No fat doctors. No silly diets. Just healthy foods.

Baby steps, people. Baby steps.

I've had a blast going through magazine articles I have clipped over the years, the recipe books I have highlighted the good stuff, and researching the various subjects I am so passionate about.

What am I passionate about?

1. Organic food

2. Recycle

3. Less Plastic Water bottles (BPA)

4. Honey bees

5. Eating local

6. Making eco-conscious choices

7. Growing an organic garden

8. Joining co-ops

9. Composting

10. Reducing my waste

11. Non-toxic household cleaners, etc.

12. Monsanto issues

13. Holistic medicine

14. Meditation

15. Yoga

etc. etc.

If this is something you enjoy learning about, then stop by holistic nicole. Each day I will add a little something and hope we can all take BABY STEPS to incorporate these ideas into our lives. Every little bit helps.

It will be fun to watch transformation in my life and your lives. There is a facebook page to follow also. Please consider following.

Now for the BIG question - Will Destination Unknown still happen? Hell yes!

THIS site is my personal, online journal. holistic nicole is simply a way to share what I learn every day.


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